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Your computer's audio input leads directly to ACID Music Studio, simply plug in your microphone or instrument and click Record. Import songs and MP3s for remixing, and use the Beatmapper tool to create remixes and dynamic DJ sets.

The first two are obvious, while the comparative and hidden levels of interpretation are more subtle and require more to decipher. And while the more complex modes of awareness are often left unconsidered by many people, still constrained to the left/right mode of thinking, awareness of the four PaRDeS of interpretation and the Matrix of Four as a mode of thinking, is a valuable tool not just in understanding theological presentation but also in understanding our society. When extrapolated as a lens to view society, the Four PaRDeS can be applied firstly by our surface understanding; our individual senses. The secondary more elaborate layer of understanding our society arrives in the teachings of others; the third is a combination of collective learning and our own experience used comparatively; the fourth is the intuitive approach, where one cannot explain exactly how one reaches an answer but the answer is nonetheless a useful and truthful one.


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Nearly every form of theology and ancient philosophy points to the Matrix of Four, and its potentiation, whether subtly or not so subtly. This potentiation results from the duality of polarity — the contrast of the divine with the demonic, and our elemental physicality with our elaborate spirituality.

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Osiris of Egypt was born on December 25, before 2500 BC, to a virgin (Isis-Meri, also similar to Mary) in a cave. His birth was announced by a star and was attended by three wise men.

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Use powerful MIDI editing and sequencing tools. Record MIDI data from your favorite hardware controllers, or compose directly on the ACID Music Studio piano roll and drum grid interfaces. ACID Music Studio supports VSTi and includes 90 instruments for song creation.

Wake Up World The Common Origin of Religions and Theology Comments Feed

The Ancient Egyptian cross is the Ankh. It is one of the oldest and most distinguished crosses. The top section is not a line, but an oval. The mysterious symbol is said to represent eternal life. The ankh has four parts, two matching lines, one longer line and a wholly distinct fourth part, the oval. Hieroglyphs show Egyptian gods carrying one or a pair of ankhs and various sarcophaguses depict buried royalty holding ankhs. The ankh symbol was later adopted by Coptic Christians.


When one considers how much commonality there is between religious scriptures, their theological foundations and their central characters, it becomes clear that each is born of the same origin; this becomes particularly apparent when one considers similarities between the teachings of Buddha and Jesus, for example. So in serious consideration of these common scriptures, it becomes clear that the benefit to be found in their teachings is not in their literal interpretation but the metaphorical or allegorical.

For instance, as noted Islamic tradition refers to four characterizations in the external world — believers and unbelievers, peacemakers and mischief-makers — however some hold it is possible that this is, at least in part, reflective of the illustration of our internal state of consciousness, our thinking as well as the resulting external being. Of course this interpretation idea and the divergence of literal and allegorical interpretations of theology may be considered blasphemous to some and quelled instead of rewarded.


ACID Music Studio features multitrack audio and MIDI recording, pro-quality editing and effects, 3,000 genre-spanning loops, and a download code for one free Sony Sound Series loop library title. Create original music, construct remixes and DJ sets, then render files to share online and load into your favorite portable players.

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Attis of Phrygia was born on December 25 around 1200 BC, again, to a virgin mother. He was a shepherd who rose from the dead at the Vernal Equinox (Easter).


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Basically subscribing to Premium Membership will give you access to everything on the site, with no download restrictions. Just select the time period you would like to subscribe for. Pay Pal handles all payment methods (credit card, Visa, etc). You are given the role of Premium Member instantly, no waiting. Your profile is updated automatically, displaying membership details and expiry date.

When we understand not just the common origins but the common philosophies at the core of religious theology, we have the opportunity to rise above the societal and political influences that promote dualistic black/white thinking and division between religious beliefs. By applying deeper modes of thinking — the PaRDeS, or the Matrix of Four — we can uncover the hidden context behind religious scriptures and, by understanding their commonality, can decisively choose to be peacemakers — rather than focusing on their literal interpretation of religious scriptures and fighting over the “one true faith”. Indeed, understanding the metaphorical and intuitive/hidden meanings of these scriptures allows us to realize the true brotherhood of man. Let’s reintegrate our human cultural beauty and collective consciousness instead of separating each other by our belief systems as a justification for waging war on our brothers and sisters.


I'd been doing it for my friends in university for years. So after finishing with university I started sharing my work with you guys. After all it helped with my career as a programmer anyway. But now the reality is it's just got too big to remain as it were.

Buddha of India was born on December 25, 563 BC, his mother’s name was Maya (again, similar to Mary) and she was also a virgin. His birth was announced by a star, and he was visited by Wise Men who declared that they had seen Signs of his birth.

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