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Because real-world problems are usually complicated by many interrelated factors, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the symptoms and the real problem. New opportunities and prob-lems certainly may be uncovered while investigating the causes of symptoms. For example, Application Case 2/1 describes a classic story of recognizing the correct problem.

With its patented, proprietary technology, myvu is at the forefront of the electronics and video display industries. The company's video viewers, which represent an ergonomic breakthrough over conventional head-mounted displays, have received widespread industry recognition. Myvu is a privately held company based in Westwood, Massachusetts, with venture capital financing from Atlas Venture, Essilor International, The Hillman Company, Intel Capital and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.


The Good: Soil Microbes Positively Affecting Plant Growth

The research thesis is aimed towards the performance analysis of the MANET (Mobile Ad hoc networks) Routing Protocols for various traffic patterns. Wireless communication has shown a lot of development over the years. MANET is based on the infrastructure less, self-configured network architecture. In the infrastructure-less network architecture the nodes (electronic devices) do not have any fixed base station (access points). Similarly the network architecture is not fixed as all the times the network nodes are moving from one place to the other. Hence each node is basically considered as a host, or in terms of network, a router receiving and forwarding the information/data on the network. As the propagation distance is limited with continuous shifting of locations/topology, the routing protocols hold the key to successful communication. The routing protocols generally used include Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR). We have specifically looked into these protocols for our research. The parameters selected for the performance measurement include throughput, delay, packet delivery ratio & packet loss.

Comparative cholestanol cholesterol hepatic sterol bile. Click download or read online button to get cholesterol metabolism in health and disease book now. Quantitative analysis of serum lipid profile in gallstone. Obesity Pigmentation Parasitic Diseases. Deoxycholic acid and the pathogenesis of gall stones.


It is perhaps the most fundamental echelon in the three-step analytics continuum upon which predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities are built. As you will see in the following chapters, the key enablers of descriptive analytics include data warehousing, business reporting, decision dashboard/ scorecards, and visual analytics.

It is often frustrating when the slow speed of network leads to limited connectivity and long processing hours while using wireless internet either at home network or coffee shop or airport or competing for bandwidth at a conference. As more and more users are tapped in with their devices, the clogged airwaves make it difficult to latch on a reliable signal.


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T he concept of data warehousing has been around since the late 1980s. This chapter provides the foundation for an important type of database, called a data ware-house, which is primarily used for decision support and provides improved analyti-cal capabilities.


In this paper an estimate of surge height associated with tropical storms is done for the coast of Bangladesh. For this purpose, a vertically integrated model in cylindrical polar coordinate system is developed. Nested numerical schemes were exercised in this study to save computer memory space and to avoid numerical instability as is appropriate for operating forecasting purpose. Vertically integrated shallow water equations are solved using a semi-implicit finite difference technique. Offshore islands of the whole coastal belt along with coastal bending are incorporated through proper stair step representation. The developed model is applied to estimate surge height at different coastal and island locations of Bangladesh associated with the severe cyclonic storm ‘AILA’ that hit the coast of Bangladesh recently. The result obtained by the model is found to be satisfactory with observed and reported results obtained through various investigators.

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This book is about using business analytics as computerized support for manage-rial decision making. It concentrates on both the theoretical and conceptual founda-tions of decision support, as well as on the commercial tools and techniques that are available. This introductory chapter provides more details of these topics as well as an overview of the book.

About 200 papers describing his research have been published in major journals, including Operations Research, Management Science, Information Systems Research, Decision Support Systems, and journal of MIS. He cofounded the AIS SIG on Decision Support Systems and Knowledge Management (SIGDSS). Dr. Sharda serves on several editorial boards, including those of INFORMS journal on Computing, Decision Support Systems, and ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems. He has authored and edited several textbooks and research books and serves as the co-editor of several book series (Integrated Series in Information Systems, Operations Research/ Computer Science Interfaces, and Annals of Information Systems) with Springer. He is also currently serving as the executive director of the Teradata University Network. His current research interests are in decision support sys-tems, business analytics, and technologies for managing information overload.


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This idea of looking at all the data to understand what is happening, what will happen, and how to make the best of it has also been encapsulated by INFORMS in proposing three levels of analytics. These three levels are identified (inforrns.org/ Community/Analytics) as descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive. Figure 1/5 presents two graphical views of these three levels of analytics. One view suggests that these three are somewhat independent steps (of a ladder) and one type of analytics application leads to another. The interconnected circles view suggests that there is actually some overlap across these three types of analytics. In either case, the interconnected nature of different types of analytics applications is evident. We next introduce these three levels of analytics.

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For any organization that is com-mitted to saving lives, identifying and removing the inefficiencies from systems and processes so that more resources become available to cater to patient care become very important. At Seattle Children's, management is continuously looking for new ways to improve the quality, safety, and processes from the time a patient is admitted to the time they are discharged. To this end, they spend a lot of time in analyzing the data associated w ith the patient visits.


Abstract: Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder. It is the second most common disease after Alzheimer’s. Incidence rates for this disease are increasing rapidly with increasing life expectancy. The search for measures to diagnose the disease and monitor symptoms is an important step, despite the fact that it presents a number of challenges. Among the symptoms related to this disease is the disturbances of the voice which particularly occur in a remarkable way called hypokinetic dysarthria which is presented by the poverty of the gesture in all the characteristics of the speech (phonatory, prosodic, articulatory and rhythm). Our goal is to do a study based on voice analysis at the level of the glottis to examine some early parameters measured using the LF model and clinical manifestations to help diagnosis of the disease.

Clouds provide a powerful computing platform that enables individuals and organizations to perform variety levels of tasks on the internet. It has been developed to provide information technologies services on demand to individuals as well as organization. However, as good and flexible as cloud Computing is, there are lots of threat from hackers to security of data passing through it day in day out. Therefore, cloud security have to be strong and consistent, so that the flexibility and advantages that cloud computing has to offer will be reliable.


Increase in the solution concentration decreases the removal efficiency. The optimum contact time for inactive fly ash, active fly ash, inactive sawdust and active sawdust are 60, 120, 60 and 120 minutes respectively. Increase in mass of adsorbent leads to increase in metal ion adsorption due to increase in number of active (useful site) adsorption sites. Maximum adsorption at pH 6-7 was observed for sawdust and at higher pH value of 8, adsorption was favorable for fly ash. The Freundlich Adsorption model was best fitted for sawdust and fly ash in active and inactive form for the adsorption of Zinc. The experimental data did not represent best fit for Langmuir Adsorption model. The industrial wastes: Fly ash and Sawdust can be used effectively as adsorbents in removal of zinc.

Most vendors provide software demos of their products and applications. Information about products, architecture, and software is available at dssresources.com.


Cultar and Agrotone and the biocide Bio-Zeid were the most effective treatments in reducing the disease and increasing the produced fruit yield than the other treatments when each of them was used alone. However, the combination treatment between the growth regulator Cultar and the biocide Bio-Zeid was the most efficient treatment in this regard.

Financial Operations A sinillar performance payoff from integrated information was also noted in financial operations. Nationwide's decentralized management style resulted in a fragmented financial report-ing environment that included more than 14 general ledgers, 20 chans of accounts, 17 separate data repositories, 12 different repo1ting tools, and hundreds of thousands of spreadsheets. There was no common central view of the business, which resulted in labor-intensive slow and inaccurate reporting.


Many people new to the formal study of decision making inadvenently confuse the concepts of criterion and constraint. Often, this is because a criterion may imply a constraint, either implicit or explicit, thereby adding to the confusion. For example, there may be a distance criterion that the decision maker does not want to travel too far from home. However, there is an implicit constraint that the alternatives from which he selects must be within a cenain distance from his home.

In Chapter 1, we discussed the need for computerized decision support and briefly described some decision aids. Here we relate specific technologies to the decision-making process (see Figure 2/2). Databases, data marts, and especially data warehouses are important technologies in supporting all phases of decision making. They provide the data that drive decision making.


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Depression of Pyrite by Metabisulfite and Sulfite Ions in Seawater and

Application Case 1/5 Analyzing Athletic Injuries Any athletic activity is prone to injuries. If the inju-ries are not handled properly, then the team suf-fers. Using analytics to understand injuries can help in deriving valuable insights that would enable the coaches and team doctors to manage the team composition, understand player profiles, and ulti-mately a id in better decision making concerning which players might be available to play at any given time.


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Abstract: Autism is a development condition linked with healthcare costs, therefore, early screening of autism symptoms can cut down on these costs. The autism screening process involves presenting a series of questions for parents, caregivers, and family members to answer on behalf of the child to determine the potential of autistic traits. Often existing autism screening tools, such as the Autism Quotient (AQ), involve many questions, in addition to careful design of the questions, which makes the autism screening process lengthy. One potential solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of screening is the adaptation of fuzzy rule in data mining. Fuzzy rules can be extracted automatically from past controls and cases to form a screening classification system. This system can then be utilized to forecast whether individuals have any autistic traits instead of relying on the conventional domain expert rules. This paper evaluates fuzzy rule-based data mining for forecasting autistic symptoms of children to address the aforementioned problem. Empirical results demonstrate high performance of the fuzzy data mining model in regard to predictive accuracy and sensitivity rates and surprisingly lower than expected specificity rates when compared with other rule-based data mining models.

Sixth, many of the tools that BI uses are also considered DSS tools. For example, data mining and predictive analysis are core tools in both areas.


Predictive analytics aims to determine what is likely to happen in the future. This analy-sis is based on statistical techniques as well as other more recently developed techniques that fall under the general category of data mining. The goal of these techniques is to be able to predict if the customer is likely to switch to a competitor ("churn"), what the cus-tomer is likely to buy next and how much, what promotion a customer would respond to, or whether this customer is a creditworthy risk. A number of techniques are used in developing predictive analytical applications, including various classification algorithms. For example, as described in Chapters 5 and 6, we can use classification techniques such as decision tree models and neural networks to predict how well a motion picture will do at the box office. We can also use clustering algorithms for segmenting customers into different clusters to be able to target specific promotions to them.

It also increases the end users' ability to use analytic tools. The end users also gain a better understanding of the problem and how it is solved using the new tool. Additionally, including the end users in the development process enhances the decision makers' analytical knowledge and capabilities. By working together, their knowledge and skills complement each other in the final solution.


Planners Lab makes it possible for the decision makers to "play" with assumptions to reflect alternative views of the future. Every Planners Lab model is an assemblage of assumptions about the future. Assumptions may come from databases of historical per-formance, market research, and the decision makers' minds, to name a few sources. Most assumptions about the future come from the decision makers' accumulated experiences in the form of opinions.

Chapters 5-8 cover predictive analytics. Chapters 9-12 cover prescriptive and decision analytics as well as other decision support systems topics. Some of the coverage from Chapter 3-4 in previous editions will now be found in the new Chapters 9 and 10. Chapter 11 covers expert systems as well as the new rule-based systems that are commonly built for implementing analytics. Chapter 12 combines two topics that were key chapters in earlier editions-knowledge manage-ment and collaborative systems. Chapter 13 is a new chapter that introduces big data and analytics. Chapter 14 concludes the book with discussion of emerging trends and topics in business analytics, including location intelligence, mobile computing, cloud-based analytics, and privacy/ethical considerations in analytics. This chapter also includes an overview of the analytics ecosystem to help the user explore all of the different ways one can participate and grow in the analytics environment. Thus, the book marks a significant departure from the earlier editions in organization. Of course, it is still possible to teach a course with a traditional DSS focus with this book by covering Chapters 1-4, Chapters 9-12, and possibly Chapter 14.


Summary: The Samsung GALAXY Camera is the first truly Connected Camera, combining the photographic excellence of a quality compact camera with the connectivity and adaptability that comes with 3G/4G + Wi-Fi and the Android 4/1 (Jelly Bean) operating system. This answers the demand from consumers who want to be able to edit or/and share their images instantly without having to compromise on quality. The Samsung GALAXY Camera makes those images easy to shoot, enjoy, edit and share wherever the user is.

Many rhizosphere bacteria are used as biofertilizers extensively in organic farming for sustainable agriculture. It is well established that PGPR are biofertilizers as well as efficient soil-inhabiting bacteria for sustainable agriculture. The PGPR are well-known and commercially harnessed by government and private organizations across the globe. The PGPR are known to produce a number of special metabolites, which are soluble and volatile, and help in inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria by antibiosis or by cell signaling through induction of resistance and tolerance to plants against various pathogenic and environmental stresses. They are also known to enhance the nodulation upon co-inoculating with Bradyrhizobium japonicum leading to enhanced plant development and yield in soybean.


Magpie Sensing, a start-up project under Ebers Smith and Douglas Associated LLC, pro-vides a suite of cold chain monitoring and analysis technologies for the healthcare indus-try. It is a shippable, wireless temperature and humidity monitor that provides real-time, location-aware tracking of cold chain products during shipment. Magpie Sensing's solu-tions rely on rich analytics algorithms that leverage the data gathered from the monitor-ing devices to improve the efficiency of cold chain processes and predict cold storage problems before they occur.

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Support for decision makers, mainly in semistructured and unstructured situations, by bringing together human judgment and computerized information. Such prob-lems cannot be solved (or cannot be solved conveniently) by other computerized systems or through use of standard quantitative methods or tools. Generally, these problems gain structure as the DSS is developed. Even some structured problems have been solved by DSS.


The value o f an a lternative is evaluated in terms of goal attainment. Sometimes an outcome is expressed directly in terms of a goal. For example, profit is an outcome, profit maximization is a goal, and both are expressed in dollar terms. An outcome such as customer satisfaction may be measured by the number of complaints, by the level of loyalty to a product, or by ratings found through surveys. Ideally, a decision maker would want to deal with a single goal, but in practice, it is not unusual to have multiple goals (see Barba-Romero, 2001; and Koksalan and Zionts, 2001). When groups make decisions, each group participant may have a diffe rent agenda. For example, executives might want to maximize profit, marketing might want to maximize market penetration, operations might want to minimize costs, and stockholders might want to maximize the bottom line. Typically, these goals conflict, so special multiple-criteria methodologies have been developed to handle this.

The fish fauna of Lake Ribadu, Adamawa State, Nigeria was studied from June to August, 2021. Data were collected through frame and catches composition surveys. The catch assessment was conducted at the landing site; twice a week and fish were indentified using Olaosebikan and Raji (2021) and Idodo-Umeh (2003). Simple descriptive statistical tools such as simple percentage, frequency counts were used to analyze data collected. A total of 5,572 fishes belonging to 15 families and 29 species were identified in the local fisher’s catches. In terms of number, the Family Cichlidae dominated the catch, which contributed 28/86% to the total catch. This was followed by the Claridae (28/74%); Schilbeidae (15/54%); Mochokidae (8/0%); Alestidae (4/17%); Mormyridae (3/62%); Protopteridae (2/23%); Bagridae (2/10); Claroteidae (1/94%); Ployteridae 91/78); Dischodontidae (1/42%) and Cyprinadae (1/34%). The families Citharinidae, Anabantidae and Gymnarchidae each contributed less than 1% to the total fishes in the catch. In terms of weight, the Claridae family tops contributing 40/84% to the total weight of fish caught. Mormyridae is the most diversified family which was represented by 4 species.


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Especially for the vaccines, improper storage and handling practices that compromise vaccine viability prove a costly, time-consuming affair. Vaccines must be stored properly from manufacture until they are available for use. Any extreme temperatures of heat or cold will reduce vaccine potency; such vaccines, if administered, might not yield effective results or could cause adverse effects.

Note that solving a model is not the same as solving the problem the model represents. The solution to the model yields a recommended solution to the problem. The p roblem is considered solved only if the recommended solution is successfully implemented.


A DSS is typically built to support the solution of a certain problem or to evaluate an opportunity. This is a key difference between DSS and BI applications. In a very strict sense, business intelligence (BI) systems monitor situations and identify problems and/ or opportunities, using analytic methods. Reporting plays a major role in BI; the user generally must identify whether a particular situation warrants attention, and then analyti-cal methods can be applied. Again, although models and data access (generally through a data warehouse) are included in BI, DSS typically have their own databases and are developed to solve a specific problem or set of problems. They are therefore called DSS applications.

After an initial data warehouse implementation was derailed in 2005, in part by Hurricane Katrina, Isle decided to reboot the project with entirely new components and Teradata as the core solution and key partner, along with IBM Cognos for Business Intelligence. Shortly after that choice was made, Isle brought on a management team that clearly understood how the Teradata and Cognos solution could enable key decision makers throughout the operation to easily frame their own initial queries, as well as timely follow-up questions, thus opening up a wealth of possibilities to enhance the business.


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DATA-DRIVEN DSS Data-driven DSS are primarily involved with data and processing them into information and presenting the information to a decision maker. Many DSS developed in OLAP and reporting analytics software systems fall into this category. There is minimal emphasis on the use of mathematical models.


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The company delivers handheld spectrum analyzers and terminal test solutions across the world. Willtek takes a leading research and development role into innovative test solutions for 3G wireless devices. Willtek's mobile test solutions are approved by nearly every leading mobile manufacturer.

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Describing business assumptions. All assumptions are described in English equations (or the user's native language).

Lithogenesis and bile metabolism. Quantitative analysis vile serum lipid profile in gallstone. Elevated plasma bile acids after bariatric surgery are thought to explain type 2 diabetes mellitus t2dm remission. This is a book of cellular lipid metabolism that reader can be grabbed it with no cost on. Full text full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version.


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Summary: DriveNow is a new type of premium car sharing service from BMWi, MINI, Sixt, powered by Vodafone. Cars use an embedded telematics unit to communicate their position via a Vodafone M2M SIM and are picked up, dropped off or made available when and where needed. Members locate and reserve the nearest car via mobile phone, unlocking the car using specially issued RFID tags. DriveNow is the first car sharing concept to place emphasis on renting efficient premium vehicles supported by a highly comprehensive and convenient management service based on mobile technology.

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Consulting solutions to the businesses in employ-ing prescriptive analytical solutions. It is equally important to have proactive decision makers in the organizations who are aware of the changing eco-nomic environment as well as the advancements in the field of analytics to ensure that appropriate models are employed. This case shows an example o f geographic market segmentation and customer behavioral segmentation techniques to isolate the profitability of customers and employ optimization techniques to locate the branches that deliver high profitability in each geographic segment.


Isle of Capri can now do more accurate property-to-property comparisons and analyses, largely because Teradata consolidated disparate data housed at individual properties and centralized it in o ne location. One result: A centralized intranet site posts daily figures for each individual property, so they can compare such things as performance of revenue from slot machines and table games, as well as complimentary redemption values. In additio n, the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence tool enables additional comparisons, such as direct-mail redemption values, specific direct-mail program response rates, direct-mail-incented gaming revenue, hotel-incented gaming revenue, noncomplimentary (cash) revenue from hotel room reservations, and hotel room occupancy. One clear bene fit is that it holds individual properties accountable for constantly raising the bar.

Summary: Jasper Wireless provides a cloud-based connected devices platform for machine-to-machine (M2M) and consumer electronics. The platform provides automated provisioning activation and management processes enabling operators to eliminate the complexities associated with serving the M2M and connected device market. Through this unique combination of network connectivity, software and service, operators and enterprises can develop and deploy connected devices profitably around the world. Jasper’s cloud-based platform offers operators a low-cost, low-risk entry into providing M2M connectivity and associated services within a matter of just a few weeks and all without disrupting or burdening their core lines of business.


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Abstract: Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPSs) are standalone complex hardware, expensive to purchase, change and manage. The emergence of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) mitigates these challenges and delivers middlebox functions as virtual instances. Moreover, cloud computing has become a very cost-effective model for sharing large-scale services in recent years. Features such as portability, isolation, live migration, and customizabil-ity of virtual machines for high-performance computing have attracted enterprise customers to move their in-house IT data center to the cloud. In this paper, we formulate the placement of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) and introduce a model called Incremental Mobile Facility Location Problem (IMFLP) to study the IDPP problem. Moreover, we propose a novel and efficient solution called Adaptive Facility Location (AFL) to efficiently solve the optimization problem introduced in the IMFLP model. The effectiveness of our solution is evaluated through realistic simulation studies compared with other popular online facility location algorithms.

Describe how providing support to a workgroup is different from providing support to group work. Explain why it is impo rtant to differentiate these concepts.


For a computerized system to successfully support a manager, it should fit the decision situation as well as the decision style. Therefore, the system should be flexible and adaptable to different users. The ability to ask w hat-if and goal-seeking questions provides flexibility in this direction. A Web-based interface using graphics is a desirable feature in supporting certain decision styles. If a DSS is to support varying styles, skills, and knowledge, it should not attempt to enforce a specific process. Rather, it should help decision makers use and develop their own styles, skills, and knowledge.

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Prevalence of biliary lithiasis in a sicilian population of. From This Paper Topics from this paper. Generally, pigment stones are formed by the precipitation of bilirubin in bile, with black stones associated with chronic hemolytic states, cirrhosis, gilbert syndrome, or cystic fibrosis, and brown stones associated with chronic bacterial pithogenesis parasitic infections. Lithogenesis definition of lithogenesis by medical.


Search the Internet for material regarding the work of man-agers and the role analytics play. What kind of references to consulting firms, academic depaitments, and programs do you find? What major areas are represented? Select five sites that cover one area and report your findings.

A specific marketing campaign or ongoing service/product offerings. When an organization has a good view of what is happening and what is likely to happen, it can also employ other techniques to make the best decisions under the circumstances.


The term BJ was coined by the Gartner Group in the mid-1990s. However, the concept is much older; it has its roots in the MIS reporting systems of the 1970s. During that period, reporting systems were static, two dimensional, and had no analytical capabilities. In the early 1980s, the concept of executive infonnation systems (EIS) emerged. This concept expanded the computerized support to top-level managers and executives.

Generating alternatives is heavily dependent on the availability and cost of informa-tion and requires expertise in the problem area. This is the least formal aspect of problem solving. Alternatives can be generated and evaluated using heuristics. The generation of alte rnatives from either individuals or groups can be supported by electronic brainstorm-ing software in a Web-based GSS.


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The work is concerned with the use of Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for feature selection of Keystrokes Dynamics and comparison of classification accuracy of Multi-SVM and KNN classifiers. There are various approaches used for feature subset selection but, ACO algorithm gives good performance than other feature selection algorithm like Genetic Based algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization.


For example, Application Case 1/1 could also be termed as a case study in airline analytics. Application Cases 1/2 and 1/3 would belong to health analytics; Application Cases 1/4 and 1/5 to sports analytics; Application Case 1/6 to bank analytics; and Application Case 1/7 to retail analytics. The End-of-Chapter Application Case could be termed insurance analytics. Literally, any systematic analysis of data in a specific sector is being labeled as "(fill-in-blanks)" Analytics. Although this may result in overselling the concepts of analytics, the benefit is that more people in specific industries are aware of the power and potential of analytics.

Onward transport to the destination. Typically, there are trans-shipments along the way where a container may be moved from one vessel to another until it gets to its destination. At the destination, the container is transported to the consignee. After emptying the container, it is sent to the nearest CSAV depot, w here maintenance is done on the container.


This Application Case shows that reporting analyt-ics involving visualizations such as dashboards can offer major insights into existing data and show how a variety of users in different domains and depart-ments can contribute toward process and qual-ity improvements in an organization. Furthermore, exploring the data visually can help in identifying the root causes of problems and provide a basis for working toward possible solutions.

With more data and analysis technologies, more alterna-tives can be evaluated, forecasts can be improved, risk analysis can be performed quickly, and the views of experts (some of whom may be in remote locations) can be collected quickly and at a reduced cost. Expertise can even be derived directly from analytical systems. With such tools, decision makers can perform complex simulations, check many possible scenarios, and assess diverse impacts quickly and economically. This, of course, is the focus of several chapters in the book.


Mintzberg, H. A. (1993). Tbe Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning.

The data analysis team could identify previously unknown potential diffe rences in the data environment where premiums rates were cal-culated diffe rently between Nationwide and Allied sides. Correcting all of these benefited Nationwide's policyhold-ers because they were safeguarded from experiencing wide premium rate swings.


When problem ownership is not established, either someone is not doing his or her job or the problem at hand has yet to be identified as belonging to anyone. It is then important for someone to e ither volunteer to own it or assign it to someone.

Abstract: The Digital image processing is one of the most widely implemented fields worldwide. The most applied applications of digital image processing are facial recognition, finger print recognition, medical imaging, law enforcement, cyber-crime investigation, identification of various diseases and criminals, etc. The subject to be discussed in this article is skin detection. Skin detection has solved many serious problems related to digital image process. It is one of the main features in making an intelligent image processing system. The proposed methodology conducts an improved and well enhanced skin detection, the skin and non-skin parts are divided from an input image or video, noise is removed, HSV is applied which also acts as a color model that generates more better results in accordance to RGB or YCbCr for skin and face identification.


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Keeping in view the potential of Agile software methodologies and with the aim of eliminating this misconception, a mixed method methodology was adopted to conduct a study for determining the social factors that contribute or have influence in the successful implementation of Agile software development methodologies. In this study, face-to-face interview sessions were conducted with 271 software professionals that include Portfolio/Program/Project Managers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners representing 28 software development companies operating in Pakistan to gauge the influence of social factors on the success of Agile software projects.

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Although peoples of this era are more educated and board minded but somewhere this concept is follow by their selves. In this period because of high inflation rate it is not possible that one man can full the stomach of six to seven peoples of their family members. It is time of full participation from the side of women.


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To perform these roles, managers need information that is delivered efficiently and in a timely manner to personal computers (PCs) on their desktops and to mobile devices. This information is delivered by networks, generally via Web technologies.


Physically challenged persons find their movements very tough with the existing assistive devices (Joysticks) in cases of higher disability. Though there are many methods available in recent times to enable their motility they require fine and precise control which is most of the times not possible. In recent times there have been various control systems developing specialized for people with various disorders and disabilities. This paper reports the preliminary work in developing a robotic wheelchair system that involves the movement of eyeball and head kinematics in directing the wheel chair. The system enables the patient to have command over the chair, its direction of movement and will also sense and alarm the user about the obstacles in the path to avoid collision. This wheelchair helps the patient to move in environments with ramps and doorways of little space. Generally an automated wheelchair must be highly interactive to enable the system to work most efficiently.

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Decision support systems couple the intellectual resources of individuals with the capabilities of the computer to improve the quality of decisions. It is a computer-based support system for management decision makers who deal with semistructured problems.


The third category of analytics is termed prescriptive analytics. The goal of prescriptive analytics is to recognize what is going on as well as the likely forecast and make decisions to achieve the best performance possible. This group of techniques has historically been studied under the umbrella of operations research or management sciences and has gen-erally been aimed at optimizing the performance of a system.

Most winners are given a short write up and a comment from the judges, which is very useful. Disappointingly there are no video case studies (at the time of writing), so mobiThinking is collecting these from the winners.


Management is a process by which organizational goals are achieved by using resources. The resources are considered inputs, and attainment of goals is viewed as the output of the process. The degree of success of the organization and the manager is often measured by the ratio of outputs to inputs. This ratio is an indication of the organization's productivity, which is a reflection of the organizational and managerial pe,fonnance.

Support for interdependent and/ or sequential decisions. The decisions may be made once, several times, or repeatedly.


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The process of modeling is a combination of art and science. As a science, there are many standard model classes available, and, w ith practice, an analyst can determine w hich one is applicable to a given situation. As an art, creativity and finesse are required when determining what simplifying assumptions can work, how to combine appropri-ate features of the model classes, and how to integrate models to obtain valid solutions.

The Airborne Executive Phone is able to make both secure and non-secure. Its containsSudia Arabia, Bahrain, India, UAE, Afghanistan, UK, USA, Canada, France, Spain, Iraq, Iran and other Internationals Packages. Every mobile phone network provides multiple SMS packages so that the user can avail them according to his choice. Millions of real salary data collected from government and companies - annual starting salaries, average salaries, payscale by company, job title, and city.


Abstract: Recently, senior managers are paying much more attention to the environmental aspects of decision-making units. Technically, global economy is inextricably connected to the environment, as it is heavily dependent on extraction and exploitation of natural resources. In this article, we try to propose a number of models for efficiency evaluation that combine the growing concepts in environmental areas along with social and economic subjects. Generally speaking, if economic growth is to be continuous and effective in the long term, it must be based on a combination of economic, environmental and social components. The existing literature on data envelopment analysis (DEA) is often based on economic efficiency. However, due to the environmental pollution at a global level, there have been recent studies in relation to sustainability efficiency with focus on environmental and social aspects; although, these studies were limited and left much room for further research. The present study evaluates the efficiency of decision-making units using social, economic and environmental indicators, and tries to minimize the flaws of DEA in the proposed models by making relative comparisons to previous models.

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Are decision makers really rational? Though there may be major anomalies in the pre-sumed rationality of financial and economic behavior, we take the view that they could be caused by incompetence, lack of knowledge, multiple goals being framed inadequately, mis-understanding of a decision maker's true expected utility, and time-pressure impacts. There are other anomalies, often caused by time pressure. For example, Stewart (2002) described a number of researchers working with intuitive decision making. The idea of "thinking with your gut" is obviously a heuristic approach to decision making. It works well for firefighters and military personnel on the battlefield. One critical aspect of decision making in this mode is that many scenarios have been thought through in advance. Even when a situation is new, it can quickly be matched to an existing one on-the-fly, and a reasonable solution can be obtained (through pattern recognition). Luce et al. (2004) described how emotions affect decision making, and Pauly (2004) discussed inconsistencies in decision making.


Abstract: Cloud computing has in the recent past gained a lot of ground in this digital age. The use of cloud technologies in business has broken barriers in sharing information making the world one big global village. Regardless of where one is, data or information can be received or sent instantly disregarding distance.

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Note that the search for alternatives usually occurs after the criteria for evaluating the alternatives are determined. This sequence can ease the search for alternatives and reduce the effort involved in evaluating them, but identifying potential alternatives can sometimes aid in identifying criteria.


To determine how real decision makers make decisions, we must first understand the process and the important issues involved in decision making. Then we can understand appropriate methodologies for assisting decision makers and the contributions information systems can make. Only then can we develop DSS to help decision makers.

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A careful analysis of experimental studies carried by Hodgkin- Huxley and Hodgkin-Katz for finding out the electrical impulse produced by sodium ions in the squid axon was done. They described their findings quantitatively in form of a mathematical model for the generation of potential necessary for producing action to be responsible for nerve excitation and current conduction. We are presenting innovative Quantized Model of their theory of impulse generation. It will provide new research platforms in exploring the theory from the point of view of Quantization principles and will make the use of electrodynamical and quantum field theoretical approaches possible in fresh analysis of Hodgkin-Huxley equations and their applications. Some plausible applications and some new conjectures regarding the use of Quantized model will be discussed. This can be thought as an effort supplemented to Revival and Renewal of Mathematical Philosophy.


Impacts along the value chain, though reported by an EIS through a Web-based enterprise information portal, are typically identified by BAM, BPM, SCM, and ERP systems. CRM systems report and update internal records, based on the impacts of the implementa-tion. These inputs are then used to identify new problems and opportunities- a return to the intelligence phase.

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Voltage regulation is an essential element for maintaining the stability of the power grid, which requires very efficient means, but this will be reflected in additional costs. What drives us to seek to minimize the cost by trying to optimize the regulation means.


As a result, rev-enues, expenses, and profits w ill be recorded at different points in time. To overcome this difficulty, a present-value approach can be used if the results are quantifiable.

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The definition of implementation is somewhat complicated because implementation is a long, involved process w ith vague boundaries. Simplistically, the implementation phase involves putting a recommended solution to work, not necessarily implementing a computer system.

MobiThinking verdict: The Global Mobile Awards have an 18-year pedigree and are well-respected within the mobile business. Where other awards concentrate on particular aspects of mobile – marketing, services, apps, devices, technology or ethical initiatives – the GSMA attempts to cover it all in one set of awards. This gives the Global Mobile Awards a jack-of-all-trades feel and a lack of focus, but provides an interesting overview of everything that is happening in mobile. Some categories you can’t enter, including the best mobile app and device categories, which is a bit unusual. Also in 2021 the Mobile marketing & advertising category disappeared, which makes the GSMA awards less attractive to mobile marketers/agencies.


Fecal specimen were collected in suitable, clean, dry container, all sample was divided into three parts, the first for microscopic examination and second for culture and final part were quickly frozen for detection B. hominis using PCR. Microscopic examination by wet mount used saline and iodine and trichrome stain then demonstrated the B. hominis and culture method on Jones media for Blastocystis hominis and Detection of virulence gene is Cysteine protease (CP gene) of B. hominis by Polymerase Chain Reaction (RCR) where detect the virulence gene. Out of 127 samples, 43 (33/86%) were found positive for B. hominis by microscopy, 56 (44/09%) by culture and 58 (45/67%) using PCR. The parasite B. hominis represent one of the main causes of IBS.

Chapter 1, "An Overview of Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Decision Support," introduces the three types of analytics as proposed by INFORMS: descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. A noted earlier, this classification is used in guiding the complete reorganization of the book itself. It includes about 50 percent new material. All of the case stories are new.


Explosive growth in portable devices including smartphones and tablets has changed the DSS user interfaces as well. These devices allow either handwritten input or typed input from internal or external keyboards.

Getting It Right: Avoiding the High Cost of Wrong Decisions. Boca Raton, FL: St. Lucie Press.


Many of the designations by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear in this book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designations have been printed in initial caps or all caps.

This study focuses on four major hypotheses. H1: The degree of currency has a positive influence on customer satisfaction. H2: indicates that the VAS product adversely affects customer satisfaction. H3: all usage has a positive impact on customer service. H4: indicates that service reliability has a positive influence on customer satisfaction. The main problem of answering this question relates to the reliability of services, customer satisfaction, overall use, the range of calls to specific communication services derived from the availability of value-added services and research. Such that independent variable is customer satisfication. The value of all variables will be less than the value that explains the null hypothesis accepted and EOC, the overall use will affect the reliability of the service and the impact on the customer satisfaction of the VAS product. In the study we used primary sources of data collection to know the perception of the people about the Zong and Mobilink (https://soyoungsodesign.com/serial-code/?file=8667) and Ufone. For Primary Data collection, closed ended questionnaire will be used which will be distributed among the students of Hamdard University main Campus.


Define rational decision making. What does it really mean to be a rational decision maker?

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Prepare a list of its major available resources. You might want to refer to this site as you work through the book.


The aim of this study was to assess the effect of freezing storage on the chemical and physicochemical properties of the longissimus dorsi muscle of pig. The assessment of meat quality involved the measurement of the pH, chemical content, water holding capacity, and cooking loss of the meat. The texture parameters measured included: hardness, adhesiveness, deformation, resilience, cohesiveness and chewiness. Findings of the study indicate that frozen storage at -20°C for 90 days did not have a significant influence on the chemical composition and pH of the meat. It was observed that frozen storage and subsequent defrosting resulted in higher rate of water loss and lower water holding capacity than was observed in the fresh unfrozen meat. There were no significant differences between the frozen and fresh meat in respect of the texture parameters studied.

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Thus the practitioners of data science are data scientists. Mr. D. J. Patil of Linkedin is sometimes credited with creating the term data science.


The users need to be able to think of alternative scenarios, and the tool does not support this if it is a "black box" that provides only one recommendation. They argue that a tool is best only if it provides information to help make and support decisio ns rather than just give the answers. They also believe that an interactive tool helps the users to understand the problem better, therefore leading to mo re informed decisions.

Another descriptive decision-making model is the use of narratives to describe a decision-making situation. A narrative is a story that helps a decisio n maker uncover the impoltant aspects of the situation and leads to better understanding and framing. This is extremely effective w hen a group is making a decision, and it can lead to a more com-mon viewpoint, also called a frame. Juries in coult trials typically use narrative-based approaches in reaching verdicts (see Allan, Frame, and Turney, 2003; Beach, 2005; and Denning, 2000).


In the early days of DSS, managers let their staff do some supportive analysis by using DSS tools. As PC technology advanced, a new generation of managers evolved-one that was comfortable with computing and knew that technology can directly help make intelligent business decisions faster. New tools such as OLAP, data warehousing, data mining, and intelligent systems, delivered via Web technology, added promised capabilities and easy access to tools, models, and data for computer-aided decision making. These tools started to appear under the names BI and business analytics in the mid-1990s. We introduce these concepts next, and relate the DSS and BI concepts in the following sections.

A smart antenna for mobile applications incorporating an array of ± 450 polarised stacked patch elements 4 columns wide excited by a multi-beamforming and beam shaping network is described. Four narrow overlapping beams, one wide “broadcast channel” beam and right and left shaped beams can be provided. The later shaped beams are to provide high capacity coverage in a specific narrow angular sector while low capacity coverage is maintained over the remainder of a 1200 sector. Results are presented for the simulation of this smart antenna using CST EM simulation software. In addition, a demonstrator array has been constructed and tested which has yielded a positive conformation of the simulation results. It will be shown that the effects of mutual coupling degrade the beam shapes, particularly for the broadcast beam producing a significant reduction in gain over the centre of the pattern. Results are included to show the effects of applying modified complex excitation weights for compensation of mutual coupling. Whilst this technique can be shown to restore beam patterns it is also shown to introduce unacceptably high return loss at the antenna input ports. An alternative technique for producing Wide Angle Impedance Matching (WAIM) is described which is shown to improve return loss but degrade beam shapes. This work describes how both techniques can be combined to maintain good beam shapes and preserve good impedance matching, with consequent good return loss, over wide scan angles and also for shaped beams.


Award: The Green Mobile Award

With the phenomenal increasing population globally and in particular Nigeria, it is very important to be aware of the limited resources that are available to the huge number of people. The size of land remains unchanged (devoid of a catastrophe) but to put the land in good use to be sustainable, it is crucial to know the various land cover and land uses of an area to be able to plan how future developments would be executed. This information notwithstanding is not readily available to authorities to help plan the area. It is for this reason that this work was carried out to provide this gab in knowledge on the LULC of the Oredo, Egor, Ikpoba-Okha local government areas (LGA) which are forms the main growing areas of Benin City of Edo State in Nigeria. Changes in the LCLU between the period of 1987 and 2021 in the study area were considered and how the lands uses changed during that period, using geospatial techniques.

James O’MalleyNancy L. Kathleen O’Connell, Karen Brasel. AB – Our understanding of bile metabolism and the molecular effects of bile acids has expanded in recent years. Spontaneously removed biliary stent drainage versus ttube.


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There is a continuous flow of activity from intelligence to design to choice (see the bold lines in Figure 2/1), but at any phase, there may be a return to a previous phase (feedback). Modeling is an essential part o f this process. The seemingly chaotic nature of following a haphazard path from problem discovery to solution via decision making can be explained by these feedback loops.

In high rise structures there are many members that are monolithically connected to each other and if yielding takes place in any one of them, then a redistribution of forces takes place. Therefore Seismic analysis is very necessary whenever high rise buildings are to be erected, most especially in areas that are prompt to earthquake. In this study a comparative analysis of seismic behaviour of Multi-storey Composite and Conventional RCC Frame Structures at various heights has been carried out and observed that; RCC structure has higher response as compare to the composite structure.


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The present study deals with the nonlinear finite element analysis of continuous reinforced concrete (RC) beam strengthened by carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sheet against shear. Normal and high strength concrete are investigated. ANSYS V15 program has been used to achieve the present work.

The injury data set consisted of more than 560 football injury records, which were categorized into injury-specific variables-body part/ site/ later-ality, action taken, severity, injury type, injury statt and healing dates-and player/sport-specific varia-bles-player ID, position played, activity, onset, and game location. Healing time was calculated for each record, which was classified into different sets of time periods: 0-1 month, 1-2 months, 2-4 months, 4- 6 months, and 6- 24 months.


Compression is the process of representing information in a compact form so as to reduce the bitrate for transmission or storage while maintaining acceptable fidelity or image quality. Algorithms for image compression based on wavelets have been developed. These algorithms have resulted in practical advances such as lossless and lossy compression, accuracy, resolution and others. We concentrate on the following methods of coding of wavelet coefficients, in this paper. ASWDR (Adaptively Scanned Wavelet Difference Reduction) algorithm and 3D-SPIHT(Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Tree) algorithm. These algorithms which achieve some of the lowest errors and highest perceptual quality.

The pollution of the environment increased considerably in the past century due to industrial expansion, rapid growth of human population as well as the effects of resealed toxic compounds from domestic sewage wastewater systems. In the recent decades the levels of heavy metals in the soils, water and sediments have become critically higher as a result of sewage water and sewage sludge on agricultural fields, around industrial cities and along main roads. It is therefore necessary to periodically monitor the levels of heavy metals within cities so as to take remediation measures. Water samples from eight sites in Winam Gulf were analysed for heavy metals in order to assess the impact of anthropogenic activities on heavy metal input into the Lake. Three samples from each sampling site were mixed to form composite, digested using HNO3 and HCl and analyzed for heavy metals using atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). Measurements of electrical conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen (DO) and total dissolved solids (TDS) were done at the sampling sites. The TDS were within the WHO permissible range except for R. Kissat which had a higher value of 799/5 mg/L. The mean values of DO were, however, lowest at R. Kissat (0/7) ppm. Other sites like Tilapia beach, Yatch and Dunga had also low DO values. The electrical conductivity values in the study area were found to be in the range of 372/3 at R. Kibos to 1239 µS/cm at R. Kissat.


Because rationality and the use of normative models lead to good decisions, it is natural to ask why so many bad decisions are made in practice. Intuition is a critical factor that decision makers use in solving unstructured and semistructured problems. The best decision makers recognize the trade-off between the marginal cost of obtain-ing further information and analysis versus the benefit of making a better decision. But sometimes decisions must be made quickly, and, ideally, the intuition of a seasoned, excellent decision maker is called for. When adequate planning, funding, or informa-tion is not available, o r w hen a decision maker is inexperienced or ill trained, disaster can strike.

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HP is a major manufacturer of computers, printers, and many industrial products. Its vast product line leads to many decision problems. Olavson and Fry (2008) have worked on many spreadsheet models for assisting decision makers at HP and have identified several lessons from both their successes and their failures when it comes to constructing and applying spreadsheet-based tools.


The least disease severity % were recorded on faba bean plants treated with spores exposed to UV light (DS3), Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma album at 3 and 5 days post inoculation with B. fabae. Under field conditions, all tested bio-inducer significantly reduced the disease severity % of faba bean chocolate spot disease during 2021/13 and 2021/14 seasons. Also, DS3 followed by B. subtilis and spores treated with chloroform (DS2) were the best effective treatments in reducing chocolate spot disease severity. Results indicated also that all tested bio-inducer treatments with superiority of DS3 and Bacillus subtilis treatments affected positively on the different growth parameters and yield components like plant height, number of pods and seed weight of treated faba bean plants under field conditions. All treatments increased chlorophyll, phenols and flavonoide, content in treated faba bean plants at 0, 3 and 5 days post inoculation of faba bean plants with B. fabae spores. The highest increase in the total phenols and flavonoide contents were recorded with (DS3) followed by (DS2) and Bacillus subtilis at 0, 3 and 5 days post inoculation with B. fabae spores. Also, all treatments increased peroxidase (PO), polyphenoloxidase (PPO), chitinase and β-1, 3- glucanase activities post inoculation of faba bean plants with B. fabae spores. The highest activities of all enzymes were recorded with Trichoderma harzianum and DS3 treatments.

Decision making is directly influenced by several major disciplines, some of which are behavioral and some of which are scientific in nature. We must be aware of how their philosophies can affect our ability to make decisions and provide support. Behavioral disciplines include anthropology, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, social psychology, and sociology.


Most companies and organizations have downloadable demos or trial versions of their software products on the Web so that you can copy and try them out on your own compute r. Others have online demos. Find one that pro-vides decision support, try it out, and write a short report about it. Include details about the intended purpose of the software, how it works, and how it supports decision making.

Summary: Making Wi-Fi a carrier driven extension for Offload and Roaming by connecting together the signaling of both network’s intelligently. It’s the first solution to enable smartphone and tablet users to seamlessly connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot technology from WISPr to Passpoint, both domestically and roaming internationally, without having to enter cumbersome usernames and passwords, verify account details or regularly interact with a client app. AccuROAM makes Wi-Fi work like a full extension of GSM networks not just for data but also for billing, policy, authentication, voice and messaging. It is in use today by operators such as AT&T.


Find the alternative with the lowest cost (or smallest amount of other resources) that w ill meet an acceptable level of goals. For example, if your task is to select hardware for an intranet with a minimum bandwidth, which alternative w ill accomplish this goal at the least cost?

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Semistructured problems fall between structured and unstructured problems, hav-ing some structured elements and some unstructured elements. Keen and Scott-Morton 0978) mentioned trading bonds, setting marketing budgets for consumer products, and performing capital acquisition analysis as semistructured problems.


Biliary tract surgery, an issue of surgical clinics, 1e. Bile fluid Cystic Fibrosis Hospitalization Cholestasis. Briefly, mice were fed a purified control diet cd table 1 at 8 weeks of age. Deoxycholic acid and the pathogenesis of gall stones. Bile metabolism and lithogenesis. Bile acid, water, electrolytes, phosphatidylcholine, cholesterol, and bilirubin are all components of bile, an isoosmotic micellar solution produced by the liver.

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On the contrary, positive interactions have beneficial implications useful in pharmaceutical, biotechnological and agricultural applications. From the agricultural point of view, plants and microbes interact in many ways resulting in manifestation of mutualistic or hostile changes.


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Microbial interactions with plants result in beneficial as well as harmful impacts, which have a major role in ecosystem processes. Negative interactions by microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) end up with plant diseases threatening the agriculture worldwide.

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In this work, the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion Hardware devices are used. This work aims to contribute to the proposal of a tool which would facilitate and optimize the arduous task of reviewing literature in scientific databases. The case study is the exploration and information retrieval of scientific articles using ALICIA (Scientific database of Peru). Finally, conclusions and recommendations for future work are laid out and discussed.


In manufacturing systems, inputs are transformed into an output by gathering inputs in an optimal way to guide the manufacturer. Machining process plays a prominent role in industry, and thus, directly affects the efficiency of the manufacturing systems. Due to highly competitive global market, the organizations are now forced to focus more on increasing productivity while decreasing cost and time by right selection of the combination of machines. Proper selection of machines justifies labor saving, improved product quality and increased production rate with enhanced overall productivity. Evaluation and selection of a combination of machines is a complex decision-making problem involving multiple conflicting criteria. Due to different importance of the conflicting criterions, the multi-criteria decision-making methods are extremely useful in the selection process of the proper machining type.

Summary: In 2021, in partnership with Oberthur Technologies and MasterCard, Etisalat rolled Mobile Commerce service “Flous” enabling fully interoperable, industrial grade, open-loop Financial Services ecosystem across majority of its operations. Flous includes payments (merchants, utility, transportation), transfers (domestic and International), bank accounts management, secure access and ticketing. Service was developed and implemented as a commercial foundation for mHealth, mIdentity and mEducation strategic verticals accessible across NFC, on-line, STK, Companion Card and IVR user interfaces.


Summary: “Hanashite Hon’yaku”, world’s first automatic voice translation service breaks language barrier that it provides simple, convenient and high-quality automatic interpretation anytime anywhere without an expensive fee. Customers no longer need to reluctantly choose from either expensive on-call-interpreter service or a bulk of low-quality online machine translation services. It will not only enrich travel experience and globalize business networking, but helps boost tourism industry and create a variety of business opportunities.

The New Science of Management Decision. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall.


SMS Bundle of their choice by dialing single USSD string *#, with the option to select a Daily, Weekly or Monthly SMS Bundle. Frakturweb is under construction. This Phone Tracker is a free software, can be used to find mobile number / phone caller / Missed caller information in just seconds. Create free passport.

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Related to satisficing is Simon 's idea of bounded rationality. Humans have a limited capacity for rational thinking; they generally construct and analyze a sim-plified model of a real situation by considering fewer alternatives, criteria, and/ or constraints than actually exist. Their behavior w ith respect to the simplified model may be rational. However, the rational solution for the simplified model may not be rational for the real-world problem. Rationality is bounded not only by limitations on human processing capacities, but also by individual differences, such as age, educa-tion, knowledge, and attitudes. Bounded rationality is also why many models are descriptive rather than normative. This may also explain why so many good managers rely on intuition, a n important aspect of good decision making (see Stewart, 2002; and Pauly, 2004).


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Ewasy, Fagri klan, Hendy, Hendy Sennara, Keitt, Kent, and Saddeka of 10 years old were evaluated fot their ability to the natural infected by malformation disease during 2021 growing season. Data revealed that Saddeka cv. followed by Ewasy cv. were the most susceptible ones to the disease incidence and Keitt was the lowest affected one.

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The assistant general manager had a deep pas-sion for baseball and had the expertise to crunch the numbers for the game. His love for the game made him develop a radical way of understanding baseball statistics. He was a disciple of Bill James, a marginal figure w ho offered rationalized techniques to analyze baseball. James looked at baseball statis-tics in a different way, crunching the numbers purely on facts and eliminating subjectivity. James pio-neered the nontraditional analysis method called the Sabermetric approach, which derived from SABR-Society for American Baseball Research.

The data from more than 200 operational systems was sent to the enterprise-wide data warehouse and then distrib-uted to various applications and analytics. This resulted in a 50 percent improvement in the monthly closing process with closing inte rvals reduced from 14 days to 7 days.


In the last few years, gaming devices have evolved significantly to be able to receive and process gesture-based inputs. In 2007, Nintendo introduced the Wii game platform, which is able to process motio ns and gestures. Microsoft's Kinect is able to recognize image movements and use that to discern inputs. The next generation of these technologies is in the form of mind-reading p latforms.

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Voice input for these devices and PCs is common and fairly accurate (but not per-fect). When voice input with accompanying speech-recognition software (and readily available text-to-speech software) is used, verbal instructions w ith accompanied actions and outputs can be invoked. These are readily available for DSS and are incorporated into the portable devices described earlier. An example of voice inputs that can be used for a general-purpose DSS is Apple's Siri application and Google 's Google Now service.


The performance of an aero-derivative industrial gas turbine (ADIGT) with a coalescer filter at varying operating conditions is presented. The study determines the aptness of an ADIGT for power generation in two extreme locations. The ADIGT was modeled to operate at conditions of Usan offshore oilfield and Maiduguri desert in Nigeria. For all operating conditions of decrease TET, corresponding decrease in AFR was observed. For ambient temperatures between 15 and 38OC in both environments the AFR, OPR, and IPD declined to above 0/5 %. Equally, for conditions below ISO and 1/8 % drop in TET, a 2/4% loss in AFR and 1/6% gain in OPR were attained. The estimated IPD and AFR values exist at about 90% validity with the experimental. However, for ADIGT to be suitable for power generation in these locations, it will require system modification and the use of inlet air pre-cooling system to bring the ambient air close to ISO.

Transportation is on the increase everyday due to the growth in population. Without transportation, there could be no development in both social and economic aspect, as a pursuit of sufficient and effective transportation; the society needs innovations and creations from those in the field of engineering to device a means to solve the problem. Based on the above, this research work has modified an existing quad cycle to ease transportation. The modification brought about improved rigidity by the use of a thick square iron of 50mm thickness. Its load bearing capacity moved from one passenger to 4 passengers (approximately 310kg). Comfort and stability was achieved by repositioning the wheels from one front, two rear to two front and two rear wheels. The development of the quad cycle was accomplished with a sum of N 232,660/00.


Abstract: In light of constant developments in the realm of Information Communication and Technologies, large-scale busi-nesses and Internet service providers have realized the limitation of data storage capacity available to them. This led organizations to cloud computing, a concept of sharing of resources among different service providers by renting these resources through service level agreements. Fog computing is an extension to cloud computing architecture in which resources are brought closer to the consumers. Fog computing, being a distinct from cloud computing as it provides storage services along with computing resources. To use these services, the organizations have to pay according to their usage.

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This study was designed to find out the relationship between students’ achievement in essay and objective tests in senior secondary certificate examination in geography in Enugu education zone of Enugu State. The study identified that the poor enrolment and poor performance of students in geography in school certificate examination affect those who have interest in studying science related courses in the universities. Multi-stage stratified and proportionate random sampling techniques was adopted. A total of 635 students drawn from seventeen schools were used Method of data collection was documentary information on students’ scores on essay and objections in mock examination in geography. In data analysis, students scores on essay and objectives were correlated using Pearson’s ‘ɤ’. The significance of the correlation result obtained was tested with T-test at ɤ 5% level of confidence. The result of the study revealed positive relationship between the essay and objective scores obtained. The result showed that even though the relationship was positive, it was not strong and there was no significant relationship. This showed that in most cases, teachers and examination bodies do not use table of specifications in setting essay and objective tests. Some recommendations were therefore made.


Opinion mining is a type of natural language processing for tracking the mood of the public about a particular product or topic. Lots of people write their opinions in forums, micro blogging or review websites. This data is very useful for business companies, governments, and individuals, who want to track automatically attitudes and feelings in those sites. Today Social Network Sites (SNS) allows people to express their feelings and convey their emotions via texts as well as emoticons. Information in terms of texts are extracted and clustered into emotions and then classified into positive, negative and neutral. Today the most common approach followed by users is using emoticons along with texts. An emoticon is generally more likely to affect a sentence in which it occurs since it provides a better sentiment expression of a web user. Emoticons are of two types: textual emoticons and graphical emoticons. In this paper, we have described the different approaches used for mining opinion from both texts and emoticons to assist future research in this area. We have performed a systematic literature review process to conduct this survey.

Perform an online search to determine how other ship-ping companies handle the empty container problem. Do you think the ECO system would directly benefit those companies?


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Decision Making Support Systems: Achievements, Trends and Challenges. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing.

A comprehensive study includes the major C5, C6 and C9 chains products and their derivatives. Each chemical product is described thoroughly by showing its chemical structure, industrial manufacturing processes (technologies), applications and market data. More details regarding some process technologies are mentioned to familiarize you with the operating conditions, used catalysts and licensors of each technology. Worldwide statistics showed that china is the dominant producer and consumer for DNT chemical where china supply and demand for DNT is about the half of the total worldwide production and consumption capacities.


Many decisions are made today by groups whose members may be in different locations. Groups can collaborate and communicate readily by using Web-based tools as well as the ubiquitous smartphones. Collaboration is especially important along the supply chain, where partners-all the way from vendors to customers-must share information. Assembling a group of decision makers, especially experts, in one place can be costly. Infonnation systems can improve the collaboration process of a group and enable its members to be at dif-ferent locations (saving travel costs). We will study some applications in Chapter 12.

Kathleen O’Connell, Karen Brasel. An understanding of the disease process, risk factors, and complications of gallbladder disease is necessary for the development of novel targeted treatments and prophylactic therapies against the development of gallstones.


In some cases, some decisions are assumed to be made under conditions of cer-tainty simply because the environment is assumed to be stable. Other decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty, where risk is unknown. Still, a good decision maker can make working estimates of risk. Also, the p rocess of developing BI/DSS involves learning more about the situation, w hich leads to a more accurate assessment of the risks.

This book's Web site, pearsonhighered.com/turban, contains supplemental textual material organized as Web chapters that correspond to the printed book's chapters. The topics of these chapters are listed in the online chapter table of contents.


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With their existing method, ICBC used to decide where to open new branches through a scoring model in which different variables with varying weight were used as inputs. Some of the variables were customer flow, number of residential households, and number of competitors in the intended geographic region. This method was deficient in determining the customer dis-tribution of a geographic area. The existing method was also unable to optimize the distribution of bank branches in the branch network. With support from IBM, a branch reconfiguration (BR) tool was devel-oped.

Marketing Research Plan: MOBILINK – Telecom company of

Intelligence in decision making involves scanning the environment, either intermittently or continuously. It includes several activities aimed at identifying problem situations or opportunities. It may also include monitoring the results of the implementation phase of a decision-making process.


Maintaining data reliability in public cloud acts a vital role in cloud computing. Cloud storage auditing solves the complexity of data reliability in public cloud. In progress auditing protocols are all standard on the statement that the client’s private key for auditing is completely protected. However, such statement probably will not for all time be seized, because of the probably feeble logic of protection and/or low protection settings at the consumer. If such a secret key for auditing is uncovered, nearly every one of the existing auditing protocols would certainly develop into incapable in the direction of exertion. In this paper, we meeting point happening this new fraction of cloud storage auditing. We examine how to decrease injure of the client’s key coverage in cloud storage auditing, and provide the primary sensible solution for this original difficulty setting. We celebrate the meaning and the refuge model of auditing protocol with key- coverage flexibility and suggest such a protocol. In our plan, we utilize the preorder traversal technique and the binary tree structure to inform the private keys for the consumer. In addition to expand a novel authenticator structure to sustain the onward security and the assets of chunk less verifiability.

DepEd's strategic Planning Process is aligned with the Results framework of DBM-OPIF. PMS Concept: Development Impact Strengthen culture of Performance and Accountability in deped.


Many developments in DSS components are the result of new developments in hardware and software computer technology, data warehousing, data mining, OLAP, Web technologies, integration of technologies, and DSS application to various and new functional areas. There is also a clear link between hardware and software capabilities and improvements in DSS. Hardware continues to shrink in size while increasing in speed and other capabilities. The sizes of databases and data warehouses have increased dra-matically. Data warehouses now provide hundreds of petabytes of sales data for retail organizations and content for majo r news networks.

One complication in terminology results when an organization develops an institutional system but, because of its structure, uses it in an ad hoc manner. An organi-zation can build a large data warehouse but then use OLAP tools to que1y it and perform ad hoc analysis to solve nonrecurring problems. The DSS exhibits the traits of ad hoc and institutional systems and also of custom and ready-made systems. Several ERP, CRM, knowledge management (KM), and SCM companies offer DSS applications online. These kinds of systems can be viewed as ready-made, although typically they require modifica-tions (sometimes major) before they can be used effectively.


Determine what the company's major prod-ucts are. Relate these to the support technologies cited in this chapter.

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The last few years have seen exciting developments in user interfaces. Perhaps the most com-mon example of the new user interfaces is the iPhone's multi-touch interface that allows a user to zoom, pan, and scroll through a screen just with the use of a finger. The success of iPhone has spawned developments of similar user interfaces from many other providers including Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola (a part of Google), Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, and others. Mobile platform has become the major access mechanism for all decision support applications.


At Kaleida, many of the calculations are now done in Tableau, primarily pulling the data from Oracle databases into Excel and importing the data into Tableau. For many of the monthly ana-lytic reports, data is directly extracted into Tableau from the data warehouse; many of the data queries are saved and rerun, resulting in time savings when dealing with millions of records-each having more than 40 fields per record. Besides speed, Kaleida also uses Tableau to merge different tables for gen-erating extracts.

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Many personality/ temperament tests are available to help managers identify their own styles and those of their employees. Identifying an individual's style can help establish the most effective communication patterns and ideal tasks for which the person is suited.


That is part of most of these roles. Many managerial activities in all roles revolve around decision making. Managers, especially those at high managerial levels, are primarily deci-sion makers. We review the decision-making process next but will study it in more detail in the next chapter.

A study was conducted on bacteriological analysis of hand pump water for determining the quality and extent of contamination. A total of 100 hand pump water samples were studied for enumeration of typical staphylococci (TS) and Coagulase positive staphylococci (CPS). On m-staphylococcal agar 82% samples yielded typical staphylococcal colonies, 79% of which was in the range of 1-20 cfu/100ml, 15% in the range of 20-40 and 2% were between 100-500 staphylococci/100ml. Coagulase positive staphylococcus were found in 25 samples, of which 76% had a range of 1-20 and remaining 24% had count less than 100 cfu/100ml of hand pump water tested. Minimum value was 1 and maximum 364 for TS while for CPS minimum value was 2 and maximum was 86 cfu/100ml, with a mean value of 80/5 and 15/86 respectively. From 82 samples, 106 colonies randomly selected among 1733 golden to orange colonies of TS obtained on m-staphylococcal agar, were subjected to coagulase positive test. Thirty two coagulase positive strains from 25 positive samples were isolated and characterized. Twenty five were Mannitol fermentation positive while seven were negative.


The need for new and useful compounds to provide help and respite in all aspects of the human life is always growing. It has been well familiar that some plant pathogenic fungi can be developed as inundative biological control agents to kill or inhibit the activity of some insects which cause a large destruction in the crop fields and in forest vegetation. Today, scientist worked on a number of fungi for making it as a myco-insecticide because some fungi contain chitinase genes which degrade the outer hard cuticle of the insect pest. Beauvaria bassiana is one of the fungi which is widely used in insect-pest control in forest as well as in crop fields. In the present study, DNA of Beauvaria bassiana were extracted and amplified by PCR using designed primer from GeneRunner software for isolation of Bbchit1 gene. Bbchit1 gene showed significant similarities with Cordyceps sp, Metarhizium, Trichoderma with endochitinase, chitinase and chit gene. The sequencing of the gene was done and subjected to ClustalX for alignment to detect conserved region and a phylogenetic tree was also generated. These results may be useful in characterizing the evolutionary mechanism of the species. The pathogenecity of the fungi was also detected against insect larvae of Helicoverpa armigera on the basis of time and temperature. This study will facilitate the identification of virulence genes and the development of improved bio-control strains with customized properties.

Activation synthesis theory proposes that

Microsoft and/ or its respective suppliers make no representations about the suitability of the information contained in the documents and related graphics published as part of the services for any purpose. All such documents and related graphics are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Microsoft and/or its respective suppliers hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information, including all warranties and conditions of merchantability, whether express, implied or statutory, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement.


Application Case 2/3 SNAP DSS Helps OneNet Make Telecommunications Rate Decisions Telecommunications network services to educational institutions and government entities are typically provided by a mix of private and public organiza-tions. Many states in the United States have one or more state agencies that are responsible for providing network services to schools, colleges, and other state agencies. One example of such an agency is OneNet in Oklahoma. OneNet is a division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and operated in cooperation with the Office of State Finance.

Structured processes are routine and typically repetitive problems for which standard solution methods exist. Unstrnctured processes are fuzzy, complex problems for which there are no cut-and-dried solution methods.


This article examines the quantum computational complexity in three fundamental aspects: quantum computations feasible in polynomial time, effective verification of the quantum proofs, as well as quantum interactive proof systems. On the basis of these concepts are defined the classes of quantum complexity, such as BQP, QMA and QIP, which contain computational issues of varying difficulty. The relationships between these classes and the classical complexity classes are presented. Since these concepts and the complexity classes are usually defined within the model of the quantum circuit, this article includes a section, which focuses on the basic properties of the quantum circuits, which are important when determining the quantum complexity. Two different, but closely related areas of study, are not discussed in this article: complexity of the quantum requests and the quantum communication complexity. These discussions are intended only to highlight the aspects of these topics, which are non-standard, require clarification, or have a relative importance for the quantum computational complexity.

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Model to help the Oakland Athletics select play-ers based on their "on-base percentage" (OBP), a statistic that measured how often a batter reached base for any reason other than fielding error, field-er's choice, dropped/ uncaught third strike, fielder's obstruction, or catcher's interference. Rather than relying on the scout's experience and intuition, the assistant general manager selected players based almost exclusively on OBP.


Moreover, business cycle times are now extremely compressed; faster, more informed, and better decision making is therefore a competitive imperative. Managers need the right infonnation at the right time and in the right place. This is the mantra for modern approaches to BI.

Bi's major objective is to enable interactive access (sometimes in real time) to data, to enable manipulation of data, and to give business managers and analysts the ability to conduct appropriate analyses. By analyzing historical and current data, situations, and performances, decision makers get valuable insights that enable them to make more informed and better decisions. The process of BI is based on the traniformation of data to information, then to decisions, and finally to actions.


This discussion of decision making focuses in large part on an individual decision maker. Most major decisions in medium-sized and large organizations are made by groups. Obviously, there are often conflicting objectives in a group decision-making setting. Groups can be of variable size and may include people from different departments or from differ-ent organizations. Collaborating individuals may have different cognitive styles, personality types, and decision styles. Some clash, whereas others are mutually enhancing. Consensus can be a difficult political problem. Therefore, the process of decision making by a group can be ve1y complicated. Computerized support can greatly enhance group decision making. Computer support can be provided at a broad level, enabling members of whole departments, divisions, or even entire organizations to collaborate online.

Application each for DSS, BI, and analytics. Summarize the applications on one page and submit it with the exact sources.


A geoelectric and physiochemical evaluation of ABUAD groundwater potential was carried out to determine the quality of water in the boreholes in the school. A total of fourteen boreholes were investigated namely; borehole 1-14. Vertical electrical sounding (VES) using schlumberger electrode configuration was carried out to evaluate the groundwater potential of each of the boreholes (VES 1-14). Physiochemical tests were also carried out on the 14 boreholes to determine the quality of the water being produced. The electrical sounding conducted revealed that the study area has low to medium groundwater potential with clayey-sand, weathered and fractured basements constituting the aquiferous zones with an average depth range of 20-40m from the surface.

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Communications in Computer and Information Science

This was heated at a constant temperature of about 3000C and timed starting from when the distillate (fuel) started coming out, for 45 minutes. The temperature of the vapor was also monitored with a thermometer. The iron ore dust waste of a varied mass of 10g, 20g, 30g, and 40g were added to a fixed mass of 200g of the washed, chipped waste tyre respectively. It was observed that the higher the iron ore dust waste added to the waste tyre, the higher the yield and the lower the temperature at which the fuel started coming out. Flammability test was carried out on the fuel and it shows a typical burning to that of diesel.

Gorry and Scott-Morton 0971) proposed a framework that is a 3-by-3 matrix, as shown in Figure 1/2. The two dimensions are the degree of structuredness and the types of control.


Single data warehouse approach and, after careful assessment of the needs of sales management and individual agents, selected a business intelligence platform that would integrate dynamic enterprise dashboards into its reporting systems, making it easy for the agents and associates to view policy information at a glance. The new reporting system, dubbed Revenue Connection, also enabled users to analyze the infor-mation with a lo t of interactive and drill-down-to-details capa-bilities at various levels that eliminated the need to generate custom ad hoc reports. Revenue Connection virtually elimi-nated requests for manual policy audits, resulting in huge savings in time and money for the business and techno logy teams. The reports were produced in 4 to 45 seconds, rather than days or weeks, and productivity in some units improved by 20 to 30 percent.

Scenarios originated in the theater, and the term was borrowed for war gaming and large-scale simulations. Scenario planning and analysis is a DSS tool that can capture a whole range of possibilities.


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Abstract: Bat algorithm (BA) is a nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithm which is widely used to solve the real world global optimization problem. BA is a population-based intelligent stochastic search technique that emerged from the echolocation features of bats and created from the mimics of bats foraging behavior. One of the major issue faced by the BA is frequently captured in local optima while handling the complex real-world problems. In this study, a new variant of BA named as improved bat algorithm (I-BAT) is proposed. Improved bat algorithm modifies the standard BA by enhancing its exploitation capabilities, and secondly for initialization of swarm, a quasi-random sequence Torus has been applied to overcome the issue of convergence and diversity. Population initialization is a vital factor in BA, which considerably influences the diversity and convergence of swarm. In order to improve the diversity and convergence, quasi-random sequences are more useful to initialize the population rather than the random distribution. The proposed strategy is applied to standard benchmark functions that are extensively used in the literature. The experimental results illustrate the superiority of the proposed technique. The simulation results verify the efficiency of proposed technique for swarm over the benchmark algorithm that is implemented for the function optimization.

The third question is important because sometimes a new computer-based system is not required to solve the problem. The developers have found that they often use analytically derived decision guidelines instead of a tool. This solution requires less time for development and training, has lower maintenance requirements, and also provides simpler and more intuitive results. That is, after they have explored the problem deeper, the developers may determine that it is better to present decision rules that can be eas-ily implemented as guidelines for decision making rather than asking the managers to run some type of a computer model. This results in easier training, better understanding of the rules being proposed, and increased acceptance. It also typically leads to lower development costs and reduced time for deployment.


WellPoint also trained Watson w ith a vast his-tory of medical cases and now relies on Watson's hypothesis generation and evidence-based learning to generate recommendations in providing approval for medical treatments based on the clinical and patient data. Watson also assists the insurance pro-viders in detecting fraudulent claims and protecting physicians from malpractice claims.

Collaborator (Interactive Translation Application) speech translation system is intended to allow unsophisticated users to communicate in between Sinhala and Tamil crossing language barrier, despite the error prone nature of current speech and translation technologies. System build on Google voice furthermore also support Sinhala and Tamil languages that are not supported by the default Google implementation barring it is restricted to common yet critical domain, such as traveling and shopping. In this document we will briefly present the Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) using PocketSphinx, Machine Translation (MT) architecture, and Speech Synthesizer or Text to Speech Engine (TTS) describing how it is used in Collaborator. This architecture could be easy extendable and adaptable for other languages.


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Scenarios are especially helpful in simulations and what-if analyses. In both cases, we change scenarios and examine the results. For example, we can change the anticipated demand for hospitalization (an input variable for planning), thus creating a new scenario. Then we can measure the anticipated cash flow of the hospital for each scenario.

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For some beams, longitudinal CFRP sheets have been suggested to be added to study the effect of prestressing on the beam response. Different levels of prestressing have been applied. Also the position and length of such sheets have been considered to determine the best configuration.


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Simulation is probably the most common descriptive modeling method. Simulation is the imitation of reality and has been applied to many areas of decision making. Computer and video games are a form of simulation: An artificial reality is created, and the game p layer lives within it. Vi11ual reality is also a form of simulation because the envi-ronment is simulated, not real. A common use of simulation is in manufacturing. Again, consider the production department of a firm with complications caused by the marketing depaltment. The characteristics of each machine in a job shop along the supply chain can be described mathematically. Relationships can be established based on how each machine physically runs and relates to others. Given a trial schedule of batches of parts, it is possible to measure how batches flow through the system and to use the statistics from each machine. Alternative schedules may then be tried and the statistics recorded until a reasonable schedule is found. Marketing can examine access and purchase pat-terns on its Web site.

Now-a-days we have observed that a lot of power is wasted during web browsing on mobile phones due to the special characteristics of wireless radio interface. Accordingly, we have identified these characteristics and have also taken into consideration the power consumption issues with the help of two techniques. Firstly, we analyze the energy consumption of the Android browser at popular web sites such as Facebook, Amazon, and many others. Secondly, to measure the energy needed to render individual web elements, such as cascade style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, HTML, images, and plug-in objects and also how to design web pages so as to minimize the energy needed to render the page. After that shows the results in the form graph and table format with related to those web elements. Our approach can reduce the power consumption and reduce loading time while surfing on the Android phone web browser.


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All relevant data in a form that enables appropriate reporting and analysis. Usually development of this data infrastructure is part of data warehouses, which we study in Chapter 3. From this data infrastructure we can develop appropriate reports, queries, alerts, and trends using various reporting tools and techniques.


This research paper aims to examine the online buying behavior among a group of online users. The present study develops a typology based upon motivations for online shopping. We have used exploratory factor analysis to examine the factor structure and psychometric properties of the items. We have identified five types of online shoppers those are labeled as fear shoppers, convenience shoppers, novice seekers, trusted buyers and traditional shoppers. The fear shoppers worried about their security and privacy concern. The convenience shoppers are more motivated by convenience. The novice seekers are substantially more motivated by information seeking across retail alternatives. Trusted buyers are moderately motivated by quality and variety seeking. The traditional shoppers are more motivated by physical store orientation. Confirmatory factor analyses successfully validated the items used to measure five type buyer of online shopping.


Adsorption study was accomplished considering two factors:(i) adsorbent-substrate solution contact time;and (ii) pH covering both acidic and basic ranges. Cattle bones treated at 300 ï‚°C exhibited maximum adsorption capacity. Upholding the pH at 5/72 a maximum adsorption of 88/90% was achieved in 30 min. Observed results revealed that adsorption kinetics of Pb (II) followed pseudo second order model confirming chemisorptions.

Award: Mobile for Development Award

Message sharing, photo sharing video sharing are the important aspects of online social network. Sharing such data requires security. There need to have a system that provide security to such shared data based on the content of post. Post may have different format such as text, image, video etc. There should be some mechanism that enables the user to participate in decision making activity of his/her photo and video sharing on any users wall. By analyzing post data and based on user policies decision can be taken to share or block the content. In case of multimedia data System automatically detects the user form shared images and video using efficient facial recognition FR technique. In this paper I am analyzing multiple systems and their contribution in this OSN security domain.


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The gigantic stride genetic engineering has made in the field of knowledge and research is no longer news. It is also a truism that it has contributed immensely to scientific research to improve the human society. The results of these researches have been called to question on how successful they have been. This study is out to give a critical appraisal on the successiveness and un-successiveness of these researches and tends to proffer solutions on the way forward. The percentage of the success recorded by the researchers is quite negligible compared to expectations.

In order to construct large and complex software systems which provide the necessary infrastructure in a systematic manner, the focus in the development methodologies has switched in the last two decades from functional issues to structural issues. The encapsulation principle is essential to both the object-oriented and the more recent component based software engineering paradigms. Formal methods have been applied successfully to the verification of medium sized programs in protocol and hardware design. In this paper a brief review about software systems and essential survey of formal methods has been presented.


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Using Tableau, Kaleida can analyze emergency room data to determine the number of patients who visit more than 10 times a year. The data often reveal that people frequently use emergency room and ambulance services inappropriately for stomach-aches, headaches, and fevers. Kaleida can manage resource utilizations-the use and cost of supplies-which will ultimately lead to efficiency and standard-ization of supplies management across the system.

COMPOUND DSS A compound, or hybrid, DSS includes two or more of the major cat-egories described earlier. Often, an ES can benefit by utilizing some optimization, and clearly a data-driven DSS can feed a large-scale optimization model. Sometimes docu-ments are critical in understanding how to interpret the results of visualizing data from a data-driven DSS.


The PGPF interacts with host plants, and their interactions will positively influence the belowground as well as the above-ground parts. The PGPF are also known to significantly improve the seed germination, seedling vigour, biomass, root hair growth, efficiency of photosynthesis, flowering, yield of seeds and biochemical composition of seeds. Other than these traits, the PGPF are also known to control several foliar pathogens by inducing systemic resistance. It is now known that the PGPF are also capable to control numerous foliar and root pathogens by triggering ISR in the hosts. They enhance the abilities of host plants to increase nutrient uptake and hormone production, which in turn reprogram the gene expression through differential activation of plant signalling pathways. The PGPF have attracted substantial attention as biofertilizers due to their beneficial effects on plant quantity and efficiency of their positive relationship with the environment.

Entrepreneurship is generally regarded as a force of change, innovation and development in modern economies. Entrepreneurs bring new and better products to markets, restore allocated efficiency through arbitrage and reinvest their profits. In this paper we explore the various dimensions and advantages of taking a business online & the various possibilities of expansion and growth it offers. Internet can open doors to a completely new segment of marketing and promotion of a product at minimum cost of resources. The internet allows one to increase productivity and sales and at the same time cutting on daily costs of business. This cuts the time and costs of daily management of resources. Thus the main objective of our research is to understand the need and importance of internet and web–based businesses in entrepreneur world. It has totally proved to be advantageous, catering to people of various age groups from very young to old.


If a spammer sendsspam using the “SAGA BC ,” he/she will lose the cryptocurrency fee for each such message. Thus, if using the “SAGA BC” to send e-mailbecomes a standard practice for the general public, receiving e-mail servers and/or mailers will be able to easily judge incom-ingmessages without using the “SAGA BC,” because spammers cannot use the “SAGA BC” without losing their cryptocurrency.

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Even though they seem to have a differentiating edge, compared to others in the highly competitive gaming industry, Isle is not entirely unique. Like any gaming company, Isle's success depends largely on its relationship with its customers-its ability to create a gaming, entertainment, and hospitality atmosphere that anticipates customers' needs and exceeds their expectations. Meeting such a goal is impossible without two important components: a company culture that is laser-focused on making the customer experience an enjoyable one, and a data and technology architecture that enables Isle to constantly deepen its under-standing of its customers, as well as the various ways customer needs can be efficiently met.


The theme of this revised edition is BI and analytics for enterprise decision support. In addition to traditional decision support applications, this edition expands the reader's understanding of the various types of analytics by providing examples, products, services, and exercises by discussing Web-related issues throughout the text. We highlight Web intelligence/Web analytics, which parallel Bl/business analytics (BA) for e-commerce and other Web applications. The book is supported by a Web site (pearsonhighered.com/ sharda) and also by an independent site at dssbibook.com. We will also provide links to software tutorials through a special section of the Web site.

An intelli-gent (knowledge-based) component can also be included. The user is also considered to be a com-ponent of a DSS.


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Station Casinos wanted to develop an in-depth view of each customer/guest who visited Casino Station propetties. This would permit them to bet-ter understand customer trends as well as enhance their one-to-one marketing for each guest. The com-pany employed the Teradata warehouse to develop the "Total Guest Worth" solution. The project used used Aprimo Relationship Manager, Informatica, and Cognos to capture, analyze, and segment customers. Almost 500 different data sources were integrated to develop the full view of a customer.

Contoh Program Inventory Berbasis Webshots

The sedimentological study of surficial sediments (colluviums and stream sediments) was carried out around Iwere-Ile and its environs in part of southwestern Nigeria. Twenty-six (26) samples of which 11 were stream sediments and 15 were colluvial deposits were collected. The samples were subjected to grain size analysis and heavy mineral studies using standard procedures and the data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis from where the textural parameters and mineralogical characteristics were derived.


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Many DSS are custom made for individual users and organizations. However, a com-parable problem may exist in similar organizations. For example, hospitals, banks, and universities share many similar problems.

Although some people equate DSS with BI, these systems are not, at present, the same. It is interesting to note that some people believe that DSS is a part of BI-one of its analytical tools. Others think that BI is a special case of DSS that deals mostly with report-ing, communication, and collaboration (a form of data-oriented DSS). Another explana-tion (Watson, 2005) is that BI is a result of a continuous revolution and, as such, DSS is one of Bi's original elements. In this book, we separate DSS from BI. However, we point to the DSS-BI connection frequently. Further, as noted in the next section onward, in many circles BI has been subsumed by the new term analytics or data science.


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This work is describing the role of dynamic compartmental modelling and their conceptual aspects in epidemiology. The work emphasizes an understanding of different mathematical models applied to the population dynamics of infectious diseases. Also, we are mainly discussing the future aspects of governing equations for different infectious diseases.


Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) and Word Embedding (WE) will be used for sentiment analysis. The entire proposed framework will be divided into three phases: (a) normalization, (b) word vectorization, and (c) execution of proposed model.

Technology Times Plant-Microbe Interaction-The Good And The Bad Comments Feed

Gate recess improves device transconductance but main drawback of this is reduction in drain current. For most of the sensing and communication device applications both drain current (Id) and transconductance (gm) should be reasonably high. To achive this different recess depths combination are simulated a combination of 10nm Gate and Ohmic recess shows good balanced value of transconductance (gm) and drain current(Id) without any leakage current.


THE aim of this study is to examine the impact of working Capital Management on firm’s performance for textile spinning companies in Pakistan listed in KSE. A panel data has been used in this study for 10 sample companies that cover the period of 7 years from 2008 to 2021.

Abstract: Three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D-ICs) based on Through-Silicon-Vias (TSVs) interconnection technology appeared as a viable solution to overcome problems of cost, reliability, yield and stacking area. In order to be commercially feasible, the 3D-IC yield must be as high as possible, which requires a tested and reparable TSVs. To overpass this challenge, an integration of interconnect built-in self-test (IBIST) methodology for 3D-IC is given in the aims to test the defectives TSVs. Once the interconnection has been tested, the result extracted from IBIST initiate the repairing defectives TSVs based on the built-in self-repair (BISR) structure. This paper superposed two fault tolerance techniques in particularly the redundant TSV and the time division multiplexing access (TDMA) in case of multi defectives TSV. This novel repair architecture increase the yield of 3D-ICs in a high failure rate. It leads to 100% reparability for 30% failure rate. A parallel processing approach of the proposed structure is presented to accelerate the test and repair operations. Achieved experimental results with the proposed methodology scheme show a good performance in terms of repair rate and yield.


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DECISION MAKERS Decisions are often made by individuals, especially at lower manage-rial levels and in small organizations. There may be conflicting objectives even for a sole decision maker. For example, w hen making an investment decision, an individual investor may consider the rate of return on the investment, liquidity, and safety as objectives.

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Note that the intensity of most of these factors increases with time, leading to more pressures, more competition, and so on. In addition, organizations and departments within organizations face decreased budgets and amplified pressures from top managers to increase performance and profit. In this kind of environment, managers must respond quickly, innovate, and be agile.


Postpaid & Prepaid Legal Adviser. You should backup your device before access to the iCloud Activation bypass process if you are using iPhone iCloud pass on your iDevices. Use Sandbox feature to isolate risky programs from your PC. Download for free and get the essence of. Information for research of yearly salaries, wage level, bonus and compensation data comparison.

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This paper deals with the study of thermal energy transmission in free convective MHD flow of a rotating Oldroyd fluid past an infinite vertical porous plate with mass transport, chemical reaction, heat sources subjected to constant suction. Effects various fluid parameters on the flow pattern have been analyzed by graphs and tables obtained from numerical computation. It is observed that increase in rotation parameter increases primary velocity, but reverse effect is marked in case of secondary velocity. Temperature shows uniform decrease with the distance from the porous plate and the concentration falls with the rise of the Schmidt number (Sc).


Summary: NewsHunt is India’s #1 mobile newspaper app. It brings together the news and best jobs from 85+ regional newspapers in India. It has 20 million users and has been named the ‘Most Downloaded News App’, by GetJar.com with over 9 million downloads to date. Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights reports that users spend more time on NewsHunt than on YouTube.

Moneyball, a biographical, sports, drama film, was released in 2021 and directed by Bennett Miller. The film was based on Michael Lewis's book, Moneyball. The movie gave a detailed account of the Oakland Athletics baseball team during the 2002 season and the Oakland general manager's efforts to assemble a competitive team.


The pyrolysis of tire was carried out within the temperature range of 300ºC to 600ºC. The optimum pyrolytic oil of 42/0% was obtained for tire pyrolysis at 450ºC. Higher temperature and smaller particle size increases the heating rate that resulting a decreased char yield. The cracking of hydrocarbons, resulting increased H2 content in the gaseous product, is favored by a higher temperature and smaller particle size. The physical properties of the pyrolytic oil were examined. The oil obtained was analyzed for their fuel properties compared with other petroleum products. The density and viscosity of the liquid was 935/1 kg/m3 and 6/95 cSt at 40°C, respectively. The higher calorific value of the liquid was about 37/98 MJ/kg. The properties of pyrolytic liquid were much closer to that of conventional furnace oils. It could be concluded that pyrolysis of waste tires may be a potential source of alternative fuels.

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Boosting is the repetitive process to perk up the accuracy in functions for prediction that supervised learning (SL) system learn using training data. In this prediction process, boosting considers multiple function rather that considering only single function from the same supervised learning system. Boosting process then predicts the label for new data instances using a weighted vote over all the functions. By considering and merging multiple functions together, boosting manage to get fine grained decision boundary on training data than using single function.

In Chapter 1, we provided an introduction, definitions, and an overview of decision sup-port systems, business intelligence, and analytics, including Big Data analytics. Chapter 2 covers the basic phases of the decision-making process and introduces decision support systems in more detail.


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Some geographic regions are net expotters while others are net ivmporters. Places like China are net exporters; hence, there are always shortages of con-tainers. North America is a net importer; it always has a surplus of containers. This creates an imbalance of con-tainers as a result of uneven flow of containers.

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Data analyst is just another term for professionals who were doing business intelligence in the form of data compilation, cleaning, reporting, and perhaps some visualization. Their skill sets included Excel, some SQL knowledge, and reporting. A reader of Section 1/8 would recognize that as descriptive or reporting analytics. In contrast, a data scientist is responsible for predictive analysis, statistical analysis, and more advanced analytical tools and algorithms. They may have a deeper knowledge of algorithms and may recognize them under various labels-data mining, knowledge discovery, machine learning, and so forth. Some of these professionals may also need deeper programming knowledge to be able to write code for data cleaning and analysis in current Web-oriented languages such as Java and Python. Again, our readers should recognize these as falling under the predictive and prescriptive analytics umbrella. Our view is that the distinction between analytics and data science is more of a degree of technical knowledge and skill sets than the functions. It may also be more of a distinction across disciplines. Computer science, statistics, and applied mathematics programs appear to prefer the data science label, reserving the analytics label for more business-oriented professionals.


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Metabolism and lithogenesis is necessary to provide optimal management of these Disease states and therapies can alter bile metabolism, leading to an. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Lithogenesis and Bile Metabolism | Gallstone disease exacts a considerable financial and social burden. Gallstone disease exacts a considerable financial and social burden worldwide leading to frequent physician visits and hospitalizations.

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost single-board computer which has recently become very popular. In this paper we showcase our attempt to use Raspberry pi as portable server and perform few applications based on it. The algorithm are coded in python environment which is the default programming environment provided by Raspberry pi. The Raspberry Pi is controlled by a modified version of Debian Linux optimized for the ARM architecture. The display contains a graphical user interface which provides various fields for data entry via an onscreen keyboard.


When the preliminary investigation is completed, it is possible to determine w hether a problem really exists, where it is located, and how significant it is. A key issue is w hether an information system is reporting a problem or only the symptoms of a problem. For example, if reports indicate that sales are down, there is a problem, but the situation, no doubt, is symptomatic of the problem. It is critical to know the real problem. Sometimes it may be a problem of perception, incentive mismatch, or organizational processes rather than a poor decision model.

Engineers are working at individual and organizational level to meet such challenges. This research work is a part of the same process. A design of simple-to-construct single room house which has the capability to meet the strength and serviceability requirements. Ferrocement, a material recommended by ACI 549R-93 is proposed for this house. This paper attempts to review the literature on ferrocement and brings out the design of Roof Panels/beam and Wall Panels for a single room using ferrocement. The salient features of construction, material properties and techniques of applying cement mortar on to the reinforcing mesh makes it easy and virtually require no expertise to practically construct these Roof panels/beams and wall panels. The tool used for this purpose is ETAB. The idea is generally based on do it yourself (DIY) concept to develop an efficient and economical method for construction of ferrocement room and practically reduce the live losses and damage to infrastructures in case of any seismic activity.


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This chapter is organized based on the three key words that form the term DSS: decision, support, and systems. A decision maker should not simply apply IT tools b lindly.

Many decisions involve complex computations. Data for these can be stored in different databases anywhere in the organization and even possibly at Web sites outside the organization. The data may include text, sound, graphics, and video, and they can be in different languages. It may be neces-sary to transmit data quickly from distant locations. Systems today can search, store, and transmit needed data quickly, economically, securely, and transparently.


The best way to learn how to use Planners Lab is to launch the software and follow the tutorials. The software can be downloaded at plannerslab.com.

Management of change is almost an entire discipline in itself, so we recognize its importance and encourage the readers to focus on it independently. Implementation also includes a thorough understanding of project management. Importance of project man-agement goes far beyond analytics, so the last few years have w itnessed a major growth in ce1tification programs for project managers. A very popular certificatio n now is Project Management Professional (PMP). See pmi.org for more details.


In recent years, image segmentation algorithms are widely used for segmenting the image into different parts which can be used for further analytical purposes. Nowadays, many applications such as iris segmentation for authentication, brain tumor detection and number plate segmentation uses different segmentation methods. Among them level set methods emerged widely due to its efficiency in handling the change in the topology of images. For solving the level set equation, the conventional level set methods uses some finite approximations schemes for providing numerical stability. These schemes take lot of time for the curve to evolve. This problem is tackled using the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). In this method, a fuzzy energy function based on fuzzy c-means objective function is minimized using the gradient descent method to create the level set equation and LBM is used to solve the level set equation in order to provide parallel programming. The proposed method is insensitive to the initial position of the contour. This method easily detects brain tumor, segmented iris and character from number plate of vehicle is selected.

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Using wireless technology, managers can access information anytime and from any place, analyze and interpret it, and communicate with those involved. This perhaps is the biggest change that has occurred in the last few years. The speed at which information needs to be processed and converted into decisions has truly changed expectations for both consumers and businesses.


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Most of the specific improvements made in this tenth edition concentrate on three areas: reorganization, content update, and a sharper focus. Despite the many changes, we have preserved the comprehensiveness and user friendliness that have made the text a market leader. We have also reduced the book's size by eliminating older and redundant material and by combining material that was not used by a majority of professors. At the same time, we have kept several of the classical references intact. Finally, we present accurate and updated material that is not available in any other text. We next describe the changes in the tenth edition.

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The design phase involves finding or developing and analyzing possible courses of action. These include understanding the problem and testing solu tio ns for feasibility. A model of the decision-making problem is constructed, tested, and validated.


Many complex problems can be divided into subproblems. Solving the simpler subprob-lems may help in solving a complex problem. Also, seemingly poorly structured problems sometimes have highly structured subproblems. Just as a semistructured problem results when some phases of decision making are structured w hereas other phases are unstruc-tured, so when some subproblems of a decision-making problem are structured with others unstructured, the problem itself is semistructured. As a DSS is developed and the decision maker and development staff learn more about the problem, it gains structure. Decomposition also facilitates communication among decision makers.

Its solutions help service providers launch new services faster and maximize profits by creating a subscriber-centric policy decision point to control and monetize the dynamic subscriber interaction with IP-based services. Bridgewater Systems' proven carrier-class products help service providers enrich the subscriber experience, enable extensive revenue capture capabilities and out-of- the-box value deployable in weeks - instead of months. More than 80 leading service providers trust Bridgewater's technology and business insight to help them deliver world-class services.


Ideal gas law although widely used has restricted validity as it does not apply to gases which deviate from ideal conditions. Gases in a compressed state can no longer be described by ideal gas law. In this paper we discuss Van der Waal Equation of State which was proposed to account for the shortcomings of ideal gas law. We primarily discuss systems in which real gases are under equilibrium conditions. Compressibility factors for various substances are tabulated and the calculations are validated by accentuating conformance with Nelson-Obert standard compressibility chart. We also present the nature of pressure fluctuation curve with inversion temperatures which can facilitate designing of units meant for systems under phase equilibria.

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Structured problems, which are encountered repeatedly, have a high level of struc-ture. It is therefore possible to abstract, analyze, and classify them into specific catego-ries. For example, a make-or-buy decision is one category. Other examples of categories are capital budgeting, allocation of resources, distribution, procurement, planning, and inventory control decisions. For each category of decision, an easy-to-apply prescribed model and solution approach have been developed, generally as quantitative formulas. Therefore, it is possible to use a scientific approach for automating portions of manage-rial decision making.


Abstract: Students’ motivation to learn is the goal of the educational process around the world. There is a close link between learning outcomes and students’ motivation to learn. Thus, the success of blended learning in Saudi higher education depends on not only using different teaching methods and massive expenditures on technology but also on students’ motivation to learn. The main objective of this study is to measure the effect of using the Web 2/0 technology on students’ motivation to learn in a blended learning environment through their attention, relevance, confidence, satisfaction inside in this environment. This study used a randomized experimental research design to examine differences in student’s motivation based on their use of Web 2/0 tools in a blended environment in the Computer Science at Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University (IMSIU). This study adopted Keller’s ARCS model of motivation to develop a comprehensive framework of factors that affect the use of Web 2/0 tools in blended learning environment. A questionnaire was conducted to collect data from students. Throughout our investigation, we found that there was a statistically significant difference at the level of 0/05 in overall student motivation between the experimental and control groups resulting from the using Web 2/0 tools technology. Moreover, students using Web 2/0 tools were found to exhibit a statistically significant higher degree of motivation. The results of this study can help decision makers readjust the learning strategy by realizing the importance of using Web 2/0 tools as the main platform in Saudi higher education.

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The office of National Drug Control Policy has started a campaign in the United States named as the National youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to influence the news media and attitudes of the people about the issue of drug abuse. This campaign is also started by the domestic government with the goal of preventing and reducing drug abuse mostly found in the youth of the country. This media campaign is making associations with public and private sector organizations for the drug free America.


Huge loads of data need to be processed every day. CSAV processes 400,000 container transactions eve1y day. Timely deci-sions based on accurate information had to be gener-ated in order to help reduce safety stocks of empty containers.

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Many individuals helped us with administrative matters and editing, proofreading, and preparation. The project began with Jack Repcheck (a former Macmillan editor), who initiated this project with the support of Hank Lucas (New York University). Judy Lang collaborated with all of us, provided editing, and guided us during the entire project through the eighth edition.

The clutch as a friction mechanism is placed between the engine and the gear box and it transfers the torque from the driving to the working part. It is expected from the clutch to have stabile working and ecological characteristics. The main reasons for the working life shortage of the clutch are the occurrence of sliding in the process of engagement/disengagement, overloading of the clutch and the number of engagements. In order to increase the working life of the clutch a big effort has been done to improve the quality of friction linings. Most of the factors which impacts on the quality of the linings is the thread diameter of the lining. That is why the aim of the research is to determine the impact of the thread diameter on the lining tribological parameters over an extensive experimental testing.


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Indeed, altered bile acid metabolism appeared to be the primary mechanism by which pxr affected lithogenesis. Abstract Our understanding of bile metabolism and the molecular effects of bile acids has expanded in recent years.

Density function theory (DFT) study on adsorpitivity and corrosion inhibtion performance of reported molecules 2-(alkyloxy)-N,N,N-tris(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-oxoethanaminium chloride (where R= C6, C12 and C18) on carbon steel (Type L-52) in 0/5 M H2SO4 solution. The relevancy of quantum chemical descriptors to the performance of these molecules as corrosion inhibitors was investigated.


One of the major challenges of our society is to achieve sustainability development. Sustainability contains three factor: social, environmental and economics sustainability. For individuals, sustainability is the ability to undergo and the probable for long lasting maintenance. So there is a need to develop a sustainable software with a liable feeding of resources. In software development process, a pattern is a written document that provides a general solution to a design problem that occurs repeatedly in many projects. Requirement engineering is considered one of the most important phases in the development life cycle. Requirement engineering is the crucial activity which can affect the entire life cycle of software development process. The main objective of the requirements elicitation phase is to collect requirements from different views such as requirements from the business, requirements from the customer side, requirements from the user side, and requirements from the security point of view. This research will explore to handle the sustainability problem in design, a new software pattern based on singleton and service locator design pattern is defined. This research also focuses on requirement engineering techniques that are affective to overcome these problems.

In this type of DSS, the database organization, often in a data warehouse, plays a major role in the DSS structure. Early generations of database-oriented DSS mainly used the relational database configuration. The information handled by relational databases tends to be voluminous, descriptive, and rigidly structured. A database-oriented DSS features strong report generation and query capabilities. Indeed, this is primarily the current application of the tools marked under the BI umbrella or under the label of reporting/business analytics. The chapters on data warehousing and business performance management (BPM) describe several examples of this category of DSS.


They found that early delays cascaded during the day. They focused on on-time appointments of patient services as one of the solu-tions to improving patient overall waiting time and increasing the availability of beds. Seattle Children's saved about $3 million from the supply chain, and with the help of tools like Tableau, they are find-ing new ways to increase savings while treating as many patients as possible by making the existing processes more efficient.

Furthermore, prescriptive analytics can be used to guide equipment purchase deci-sions by constantly analyzing the performance of current storage units. Based on the storage system's efficiency, decisions on distributing the products across available storage units can be made based on the product's sensitivity.


Because the benefits of these intelligent DSS or knowledge-based DSS can be large, organizations have invested in them. These DSS are utilized in the creation of automated decision-making systems, as described in Chapter 12. The basic idea is that rules are used to automate the decision-making process. These mies are basically either an ES or structured like one. This is important when decisions must be made quickly, as in many e-commerce situations.

Social media platforms, and analytical tools has enabled a much higher level of information systems support for managers. In the next sections we study a historical classification of decision support tasks. This leads us to be introduced to decision support systems. We will then study an overview of technologies that have been broadly referred to as business intel-ligence. From there we will broaden our horizons to introduce various types of analytics.


Decision implementation can also be supported by ES. An ES can be used as an advi-sory system regarding implementation problems (such as handling resistance to change). Finally, an ES can provide training that may smooth the course of implementation.

Natural Equation or simply N-equation is nothing but the systematic arrangement of all Pythagorean triplets, details of which was first published in August edition 2021 of this journal. Further developments of this N-equation took place intermittently with respect to its different properties and proof of different conjectures in Number Theory and were published in this journal in several bouts. Now this paper mainly contains the properties of four elements in an equality of two prime wings produced by the product of two prime wings and the analysis of Generalized Fermat Number to prove its composite nature with the help of N-equation. It also includes some special functions of composite nature and divisibility property of a prime number.


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Specifically, it will target Kajiado County since the county 's population is predominantly dependent on pastoral nomad-ism as the main source of living. For the research the target population was 384 pastoral households. Stratified sampling will ensure all Kajiado County administrative units and NGO’s have a chance to be included in the sample. The primary data will be analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Application Case 1/1 Sabre Helps Its Clients Through Dashboards and Analytics Sabre is one of the world leaders in the travel indus-try, providing both business-to-consumer services as well as business-to-business services. It serves travel-ers, travel agents, corporations, and travel suppliers through its four main companies: Travelocity, Sabre Travel Network, Sabre Airline Solutions, and Sabre Hospitality Solutions. The current volatile global eco-nomic environment poses significant competitive chal-lenges to the airline industry. To stay ahead of the competition, Sabre Airline Solutions recognized that airline executives needed enhanced tools for manag-ing their business decisions by eliminating the tradi-tional, manual, time-consuming process of collect-ing and aggregating financial and other information needed for actionable initiatives. This enables real-time decision support at airlines throughout the world that maximize their (and, in tum, Sabre's) return on infor-mation by driving insights, actionable intelligence, and value for customers from the growing data.


Results/Benefits The ECO system activities in all regional centers are well coor-dinated while still maintaining flexibility and creativity in their operations. The system resulted in a 50 percent reduction in invento1y stock. The generation of intelligent information from historical transactional data helped increase efficiency of operation. For instance, the empty time per container cycle decreased from a high of 47/2 days in 2009 to only 27/3 days the following year, resulting in an increase of 60 percent of the average empty container turnover.

Concludes with a discussion of emerging trends, such as how the ubiquity of wire-less and GPS devices and other sensors is resulting in the creation of massive new databases and unique applications. A new breed of data mining and BI companies is emerging to analyze these new databases and create a much better and deeper under-standing of customers' behaviors and movements. The chapter also covers cloud-based analytics, recommendation systems, and a brief discussion of security/ privacy dimen-sions of analytics. It concludes the book by also presenting a discussion of the analytics ecosystem. An understanding of the ecosystem and the various players in the analytics industry highlights the various career opportunities for students and practitioners of analytics.


Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a major human pathogen responsible for several life threatening conditions. MRSA have the ability to acquire resistance to several antimicrobial agents and phage therapy is one potential option to treat this pathogen. The aim of the study was to isolate and characterize bacteriophages effective against a wide range of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). A mixture of ten MRSA isolates was used for the isolation of phage from wastewater treatment plants. Three phages were selected for further characterization. All three phages belong to the Siphoviridae family and have long non-contractile flexible tails. The three phages showed a wide host range against S. aureus. Phages ɸSA1 and ɸSA2 were resistant to a pH range from 4-10 while ɸSA3 has a pH range from 3-11. DNA from all three phages were resistant to digestion by endonuclease enzymes such as EcoRI and AccI. There was a high degree of mosaicism among the three virulent phages and with their ancestor phages of Siphoviridae due to their non-uniform access to the common genetic pool by horizontal gene transfer and recombination.

Abstract: Load balancing, reliability, and traffic are among the service-oriented issues in software engineering, and cloud computing is no exception to this rule and has put many challenges ahead of experts in this field. Considering the importance of the load balancing process in cloud computing, the purpose of this paper is to provide an appropriate solution for load balancing load in complex cloud systems using an adaptive fuzzy neural system. This system consists of four layers, and a particular operation is performed on each layer. The results of the experiments show that the system has better performance in the criteria mentioned above (balancing, traffic and reliability).


To quickly turn patient and hospital data into insights, Seattle Children's implemented Tableau Software's business intelligence application. It pro-vides a browser based on easy-to-use analytics to the stakeholders; this makes it intuitive for individuals to create visualizations and to understand what the data has to offer. The data analysts, business managers, and financial analysts as well as clinicians, doctors, and researchers are all using descriptive analytics to solve different problems in a much faster way. They are developing visual systems on their own, resulting in dashboards and scorecards that help in defining the standards, the current performance achieved measured against the standards, and how these systems will grow into the future. Through the use of monthly and daily dashboards, day-to-day decision making at Seattle Children's has improved significantly.

There are two aspects to managing data on this scale: storing and processing. If we could purchase an extremely expensive storage solution to store all the data at one place on one unit, making this unit fault tolerant would involve major expense. An ingenious solution was proposed that involved storing this data in chunks on different machines connected by a network, putting a copy or two of this chunk in different locations on the network, both logically and physically. It was originally used at Google (then called Google File System) and later developed and released as an Apache project as the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).


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There are many benefits to using Custom 800 numbers as response mechanisms in advertising. Custom 800 number increase advertising response rates by 30-60%, are memorable, trackable, and recordable. Marketing services include counsel on selection of the most appropriate 800 number for businesses, a sophisticated Call Routing platform, Call Recording, and extensive Real-Time Call Tracking reports that provide invaluable demographic information on your incoming callers.

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Application Case 1/7 Gilt Groupe's Flash Sales Streamlined by Big Data Analytics Gilt Groupe is an online destination offering flash sales for major brands by selling their clothing and accessories. It offers its members exclusive discounts on high-end clothing and other apparel. After regis-tering with Gilt, customers are sent e-mails containing a variety of offers. Customers are given a 36-48 hour window to make purchases using these offers. There are about 30 different sales each day. While a typical department store turns over its inventory two or three times a year, Gilt does it eight to 10 times a year. Thus, they have to manage their inventory extremely well or they could incur extremely high inventory costs. In order to do this, analytics software developed at Gilt keeps track of eve1y customer click-ranging from what brands the customers click on, what colors they choose, what styles they pick, and what they end up buying. Then Gilt tries to predict what these customers are more likely to buy and stocks inven-tory according to these predictions. Customers are sent customized alerts to sale offers depending on the suggestions by the analytics software.


Usually agencies such as OneNet operate as an enterprise-type fund. They must recover their costs through billing their clients and/or by justifying appropriations directly from the state legislatures. This cost recovery should occur through a pricing mechanism that is efficient, simple to implement, and equitable.

This paper presents the design and implementation of 64-bit Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) using VHDL. In this thesis, MAC and Physical layer are interconnected using high speed serial communication PCIe bus using a dedicated controller. Peripheral devices like Keyboard, Keypad and RS232 are designed to receive data form external world. Timer is designed for up-count and down-count purpose. DMA is designed to increase the speed of system. CCU is designed to control the flow of data between receiver and transmitter. Finally PCIe bus is designed to interconnect all these modules as a high speed serial communicator. This design is synthesized on Virtex 4 xqr4vsx55-10cf1140 FPGA. VHDL programming language is used to develop the design and simulation results are obtained using Xilinx 14/3 ISE design suit.


A locally manufactured concentrating solar power system LM-CSPS is designed and constructed in Fayoum-Egypt in order to study its thermal efficiency and the heat power output which could be probably used in the solar exploitations. LM-CSPS was built on the theoretical background of the parabolic solar collector and its total thermal efficiency was calculated being on average 27/5% with a heat power output 15/0 MJ/day which represents an important good result for extracting free and clean energy.

First part of the paper will present the literature background on the Shift-share method. Later on, we try to identify the driving forces of employment growth in the Tikrit city compared with Salah al-Din governorate. In addition, the last part of the paper will summarize the results obtained in our analysis.


Implementation-phase DSS benefits are partly due to the vividness and detail of analyses and reports. For example, one chief executive officer (CEO) gives employees and external parties not only the aggregate financial goals and cash needs for the near term, but also the calculations, intermediate results, and statistics used in determining the aggregate figures. In addition to communicating the financial goals unambiguously, the CEO signals other messages. Employees know that the CEO has thought through the assumptions behind the financial goals and is serious about their importance and attain-ability. Bankers and directors are shown that the CEO was personally involved in ana-lyzing cash needs and is aware of and responsible for the implications of the financing requests prepared by the finance department. Each of these messages improves decision implementation in some way.

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By definition, a DSS must include the three major components-DBMS, MBMS, and user interface. The knowledge-based management subsystem is optional, but it can pro-vide many benefits by providing intelligence in and to the three major components. As in any other MIS, the user may be considered a component of DSS.


Much of the information used in seeking new opportunities is qualitative, or soft. This indicates a high level of unstructuredness in the problems, thus making DSS quite useful in the intelligence phase.

An experimental study is performed on powder ordinary Portland cement concrete samples using X- ray diffraction (XRD) which reveals a promising approach for phase composition of concrete structures. Conventional X-ray diffractometer was used for XRD analysis of concrete samples. The potential presence of cement content and silica in hardened ordinary Portland cement concrete can be determined by X-ray diffrac-tion analysis.


Analytics finds its use in a variety of industries. It helps organizations rethink their traditional prob-lem-solving abilities, which are most often subjec-tive, relying on the same old processes to find a solution. Analytics takes the radical approach of using historical data to find fact-based solutions that w ill remain appropriate for making even future decisions.

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Ever rising prices of crude oil, dearth of conventional fossil fuel reserves, ever-growing energy demands and global erratic climatic changes due to emission of hazardous green gases, has all led to concentrated and escalating research efforts in search of environmental friendly, alternative renewable energy sources. In recent times, biodiesels have emerged as the prospective substitute to diesel fuel, as alternative energy source. This can be attributed to the abundance of feed stocks in all regions, eco-friendly nature of the bio-fuels and the ability to be easily used in diesel engines without any modifications. The present investigation aims to evaluate the emission characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with rice bran oil methyl ester (RBOME). The experimental results of single cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled, direct injection compression ignition engine fuelled with different blends (BR20, BR40, BR60 and BR100) of RBOME and diesel have revealed that biodiesel has lower CO emission, lower smoke density, lower particulate matter and moderately higher NOx emission when compared with diesel.


COMMUNICATIONS-DRIVEN AND GROUP DSS Communications-driven and group DSS (GSS) include DSS that use computer, collaboration, and communication technologies to support groups in tasks that may or may not include decision making. Essentially, all DSS that support any kind of group work fall into this category. They include those that support meetings, design collaboration, and even supply chain management. Knowledge management systems (KMS) that are developed around communities that practice collaborative work also fall into this category. We discuss these in more detail in later chapters.

Marketing department that implements an electronic commerce (e-commerce) site. Within hours, orders far exceed production capacity. The production department, which plans its own schedule, cannot meet demand. It may gear up for as high demand as possi-ble. Ideally and independently, the department should produce only a few products in extremely large quantities to minimize manufacturing costs. However, such a plan might result in large, costly inventories and marketing difficulties caused by the lack of a variety of products, especially if customers start to cancel orders that are not met in a timely way. This situation illustrates the sequential nature of decision making.


Software keeps track of responses to offers and sends the same offer 3 days later to those customers who haven't responded. Gilt also keeps track of what customers are saying in general about Gilt's prod-ucts by analyzing Twitter feeds to analyze sentiment. Gilt's recommendation software is based on Teradata Aster's technology solution that includes Big Data analytics technologies.

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We believe that irrationality is caused by the factors listed previously. For exam-ple, Tversky et al. 0990) investigated the phenomeno n of preference reversal, which is a known problem in applying the AHP to problems. Also, some crite rion or preference may be omitted from the analysis. Ratner et al. 0999) investigated how variety can cause individuals to choose less-preferred options, even though they will enjoy them less. But we maintain that variety clearly has value, is part of a decision maker's utility, and is a criterion and/ or constraint that should be considered in decision making.


What We Can Learn from This Application Case The proper use of integrated information in organiza-tions can help achieve bette r business outcomes. Many organizations now rely on data ware housing technologies to perform the online analytical processes o n the data to derive valuable insights. The insights are used to develop predictive models that further enable the growth of the organizations by more precisely assessing customer needs. Increasingly, o rganizations a re moving toward deriving value from analytical applications in real time with the help of integrated data from real-time data warehousing techno logies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next trend of innovation that potentials to improve and enhance our daily life based on smart sensors and smart objects working together. The primary vision of the IoT was to fundamentally change the way of doing business, developing greater competences, motivating deeper customer networks and presenting new business models. IoT includes devices such as radio frequency identifications (RFID), sensors, and actuators, as well as other instruments and smart appliances that are becoming an essential part of the Internet.


Choose a case at TUN or use the case that your instructor chooses. Describe in detail what decisions were to be made in the case and what process was actually followed. Be sure to describe how technology assisted or hindered the deci-sion-making process and what the decision's impacts were.

Indeed, the synthesis of the bile acids is the major pathway of cholesterol catabolism in mammals. Because hepatic synthesis can increase only four to five times its normal synthetic rate, this mechanism is not sufficient for the excretion of excess dietary cholesterol.


Historically, Nationwide's business units worked inde-pendently and with a lot of autonomy. This led to duplication of efforts, w idely dissimilar data processing environments, and exu·eme data redundancy, resulting in higher expenses. The situation got complicated when Nationwide pursued any merg-ers or acquisitions.

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Several individuals contributed material to the text or the supporting material. Susan Baxley and Dr. David Schrader of Teradata provided special help in identifying new TUN content for the book and arranging permissions for the same. Peter Horner, editor of OR/MS Today, allowed us to summarize new application stories from OR/ MS Today and Analytics Magazine. We also thank INFORMS for their permission to highlight content from Inteifaces.


The existence of a problem can be determined by monitoring and analyzing the organization's productivity level. The measurement of productivity and the construction of a model are based on real data. The collection of data and the estimation of future data are among the most difficult steps in the analysis.

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Summary: my airtel app manages customers airtel mobile, broadband & digital tv connections at work, home or anywhere in between. Check usage, make payments or recharge, start & stop services, get special offers, order movies and games.


Summary: SK Telecom has continuously upgraded its premium LTE service by commercializing PETA (Premium quality, Excellent speed, Total stability and Advanced technologies) Solution. PETA Solution consists of Multi Carrier, LTE femtocell, nationwide VoLTE service, Self-Organizing Network and Advanced Smart Cloud Access Network, all of which the company commercialized for the first time in the world. Since its LTE commercialization in July 2021, SK Telecom completed nationwide LTE deployment covering 99 percent of the population in June 2021 and surpassed 8/1 million LTE subscribers as of January 2021, accounting for over 31 percent of the company’s total mobile subscriber base.

The dynamic changes of Albanian banking sector have affected the banking concentration and behaviour. The article examines the banking competition using Lerner index and Boone indicator through the panel datasets of Albanian banking sector during 2005 - 2021. Applied results on the banking competition using Lerner index and Boone indicator confirmed the competitive behaviour into market structure. The comparative statics demonstrated that banks in Albania held the higher market power compare to European countries excluding the few countries and no high market power by banks during 2005 -2021. This article highlighted the robust support linking to the assessment of banking competition through the non – structural approaches.


International Journal of Organizational InnovationFinal Issue Vol 6 Num 3 January

One of the major environmental problems today is hydrocarbon contamination resulting from the activities related to the pet-rochemical industry. Accidental releases of petroleum products in the environment are of particular concern. Hydrocarbon components have been known to belong to the family of carcinogens and neurotoxic organic pollutants. The present work aims to implement a system to reduce or even eliminate hydrocarbons; it consists in columns composed of a fixed bed of sand dunes of N’Goussa from the Region of Ouargla (Algerian South). Columns gave excellent results regarding the removal efficiency of hydrocarbons, since a yield of up to 99/65 % was obtained.

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And able to adapt the DSS to meet these changes. DSS are flexible, so users can add, delete, combine, change, or rearrange basic elements. They are also flexible in that they can be readily modified to solve other, similar problems.


The TUN Web site provides software support at no charge. It also provides links to free data mining and other software. In addition, the site provides exercises in the use of such software.

By now, you should be able to see some of the similarities and differences between DSS and BI. First, their architectures are very similar because BI evolved from DSS. However, BI implies the use of a data warehouse, whereas DSS may or may not have such a feature. BI is, therefore, more appropriate for large organizations (because data warehouses are expensive to build and maintain), but DSS can be appropriate to any type of organization.


Introduction; Boswellia dalzielii is a very unique medicinal plant that is part of the Burseraceae family. It has been regarded as a wonder plant in northern part of Nigeria and is called commonly as “ararrabi or hanu” by the hausa speaking communities or frankincense tree in English. All parts of the plant have been reported to have varying medicinal significance. The fresh bark is used to treat giddiness and palpitations Aims; The present study is carried out to evaluate the phytoconstituents, antioxidant potential as well as the efficacy(antimicrobials) of the ethanolic extracts of leaves, stem bark and roots of Boswellia dalzielii on certain important microbes. Methodology; ethanol was used as ectraction solvent in this study, total Phenolic content was determine using the famous Folin-Ciocalteu, the antioxidant activity was tested by DPPH (2,2- diphenyl-1-picryl hydrazyl) free radical scavenging method. The agar well diffusion method was used to determine the antibacterial activity of the plant extracts. The MIC of the extracts was determined using broth dilution technique. The results recorded was anaylasis using one-way ANOVA Results; Qualitative phytoconstituents profile shows the presence for alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, cardiac glycoside, anthraquinone, carbohydrates, steroids and triterpens. Quantitative phytochemical determination of different parts of Boswellia dalzielii shows that the total phenolic contents were 433/0 mg of GAE/g, 391/0 mg of GAE/g and 416/0 mg of GAE/g for leave, stem bark and root respectively. The total tannin and Alkaloid contents were 127/7 mg of GAE/g, 117/3 mg of GAE/g, 145/3 mg of GAE/g and 27/2 mg of AE/g, 33/40 mg of AE/g, 42/00 mg of AE/g for leave, stem bark and Root respectively.

An important characteristic of management support systems (MSS) is their empha-sis on the effectiveness, or "goodness," of the decision produced rather than on the computational efficiency of obtaining it; this is usually a major concern of a transaction processing system. Most Web-based DSS are focused on improving decision effectiveness.


Mycorrhizas are symbiotically associated fungi with plant roots, which enhance the uptake of water and nutrients. The mycorrhizosphere represents a significant environmental niche for exceptionally adapted diverse microbial communities. At present it is known that the density of bacteria in the mycorrhizosphere will be higher (4–5-fold) than the rhizosphere of plant. The arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) association is the vital mutualistic interaction resulting in significant beneficial impact worldwide, and over 65% of known land plants have this association. The AM fungi associate with plants without morphological modification from the Devonian period (~400 my), and thus the AM fungal mutualism played a crucial role in plant evolution. Nearly 10,000 of ectomycorrhizal fungal species have been recognized, and many of them show host specificity. The mycorrhizal fungi form their extensive hyphal network in soils, and the extra-radical mycelia (ERM) serve as artificial root system to increase the nutrient uptake. The ERM with its mycorrhizosphere act as a vital link of microbial communities as well as host plant species.

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The Oakland Athletics suffered a big loss to the New York Yankees in 2001 postseason. As a result, Oakland lost many of its star players to free agency and ended up with a weak team with unfavorable financial prospects. The general manager's efforts to reassemble a competitive team were denied because Oakland had limited payroll. The scouts for the Oakland Athletics followed the old baseball custom of making subjective decisions when selecting the team members. The general manager then met a young, computer whiz with an economics degree from Yale. The general manager decided to appoint him as the new assistant general manager.

Low power double tail dynamic comparator architecture is presented in this paper that performs better in low supply voltage applications. The main idea of this design of CMOS comparator is to increase the latch regeneration speed by increasing the intermediate voltages. For this purpose, two control transistors in a cross-coupled manner are added to the first stage in parallel to input transistors. The results were simulated in Cadence Virtuoso Analog Design Environment with GPDK 90nm technology and 180nm technology. The proposed structure shows significantly lower power dissipation, higher speed compared to the dynamic comparators present in the literature. The average power of proposed comparator in 90nm technology is 83/92% reduced than at 180nm technology due to the decrease in channel length of the transistors and it is 62/78% reduced as compared to the double tail dynamic comparator. The delay of proposed comparator is 28% reduced when compared to the double tail dynamic comparator in 90nm technology. Thus, the proposed transistor is energy efficient when compared to other topologies at 90nm and 180nm technologies.


Abstract: Traditional textual password scheme provides a large number of password combinations but users generally use a small portion of available password space. Complex textual passwords are difficult to remember, therefore most users choose passwords with small length and contain dictionary words. Due to the use of small password length and dictionary words, textual passwords become easy to crack through offline guessability attacks. Traditional textual passwords scheme is also weak against keystroke logger attacks because alphanumeric characters are directly inserted into the password field. In this paper, enhancements are proposed in the registration and login screen of the traditional textual password scheme for improving security against offline guessability attacks and keystroke logger attacks. The proposed registration screen also improve memorability of traditional textual passwords through visual cues or pattern-based approach. In the proposed login screen, passwords are indirectly inserted into the password field, to resist keystroke logger attacks. A comparative analysis between the passwords created in traditional and proposed pattern-based approach is presented. The testing results show that users create strong and high entropy passwords in the proposed pattern-based approach as compared to the traditional textual passwords approach.

A landfill solid waste obtained from a location in Delta region –Egypt was used in the manufacturing of fired clay bricks by blending with clay, as eco friendly waste recycling process. This affords utilizing a priceless waste while simultaneously minimizing pollution. Raw materials were characterized for their chemical and mineralogical composition using XRF and XRD respectively; the particle size distribution of both clay and waste was assessed by sieving. Mixtures were prepared by blending up to 35% waste with clay. Brick specimens for each mixture were molded, dried then fired. Tests performed on the wet mixes showed that waste addition caused a slight decrease in plasticity up to about 20% addition. Also the dry compressive strength was almost unaffected by the addition of waste up to 25% addition. On firing for 3 hours at temperatures ranging from 700 to 850 °C the percent boiling water absorption as well as apparent porosity regularly increased on waste addition associated with a decrease in bulk density and hence the weight of produced bricks.


Dr. Delen's research has appeared in major journals including Decision Support Systems, Communications of the ACM, Computers and Operations Research, Computers in Industry, journal of Production Operations Management, Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, and Expert Systems with Applications, among others. He recently published four textbooks: Advanced Data Mining Techniques with Springer, 2008; Decision Support and Business Intelligence Systems with Prentice Hall, 2021; Business Intelligence: A Managerial Approach, with Prentice Hall, 2021; and Practical Text Mining, with Elsevier, 2021. He is often invited to national and international conferences for keynote addresses on topics related to data/ text mining, business intelligence, decision support systems, and knowledge management. He served as the general co-chair for the 4th International Conference on Network Computing and Advanced Information Management (September 2-4, 2008, in Seoul, South Korea) and regularly chairs tracks and mini-tracks at various information systems conferences. He is the associate editor-in-chief for International journal of Experimental Algorithms, associ-ate editor for International journal of RF Technologies and journal of Decision Analytics, and is on the editorial boards of five other technical journals. His research and teaching interests are in data and text mining, decision support systems, knowledge management, business intelligence, and enterprise modeling.

Update: The 2021 winners of the Global Mobile Awards are here

Sustainable development perspectives confine to improve the geotechnical properties of weak soils by using such a material which has high engineering performance, less environmental impacts and is cost effective. Moreover, the eco-friendly-improved soil should also be resistive against the adverse environmental factors. So, the present paper focuses on the effects of wet-dry cycles on the durability of bio-improved sand. Xanthan gum (biopolymer) was used to improve sand collected from Muscat, capital city of Oman. The specimens prepared by mixing biopolymer and ordinary Portland cement with the sand were cured for 7, 14 and 28 days in controlled laboratory environment. Standard slake durability tests were peformed on the specimens to determine the slake durability index after each wet-dry cycle. The results indicated that a small proportion of biopolymer treatment to sand had similar slake durability characterstics which are comparable to the treatment with a high proportion of cement. However, in the environment friendly perspective, cementation induced by biopolymer takes precedence over the Portland cement. The qualitative description of biocemented sand elucidated by micrographs taken by scanning electron microscope (SEM) inferred the enhanced durability to the connection of sand particles through biopolymer. The authors believe that present study will contribute in the development of techniques for the application of biopolymer in eco-friendly ground improvement.



Virtualization allows instances of multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a single machine Its means that separating hardware resource from a single operating system and Each “guest” OS is managed and looked after by a Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM), also referred as hypervisor. Because the virtualization system lies between the guest and the hardware resources, it can control the guests OS and use of all hardware resources like CPU, memory, and storage, even guest OS are allowing to switch over from one machine to another. Virtualization and Smart phone or mobile have been two of the greatest trends to hit up enterprises in IT sector. Virtualization from a server perspective has been a disruptive force in the IT world, and these results into the form of VMware, one of the largest software firm in terms of market cap. And hence all over 50% of servers are now being virtualized But implementing some form of virtualization on mobile devices is not yet widely implemented in the enterprise market, and so small companies offering their solution and services, it appears that virtualization on mobile is turning the corner and will be heading towards widespread adoption.

We expect to see more seamless integration of DSS components as they adopt Web technologies, especially XML. These Web-based technologies have become the center of activity in developing DSS. Web-based DSS have reduced technological barriers and have made it easier and less costly to make decision-relevant information and model-driven DSS available to managers and staff users in geographically distributed locations, espe-cially through mobile devices.


In this study are examined the recent theoretical studies and applications of pure and mixed double and triple-entangled states. After getting acquainted with the basic concepts of the traditional methodologies for entanglement, are summarized the main phenomena and observations of the various approaches for multidimensional entanglement.

Many individuals have provided suggestions and criticisms since the publication of the first edition of this book. Dozens of students participated in class testing of various chap-ters, software, and problems and assisted in collecting material. It is not possible to name everyone who participated in this project, but our thanks go to all of them. Certain indi-viduals made significant contributions, and they deserve special recognition.


These e lements are shown schematically in Figure 2/5 (in the shaded area). The figure also shows the interaction of the data management subsystem with the other parts of the DSS, as well as its interaction with several data sources. Many of the BI or descriptive analytics applications derive their strength from the data management side of the subsys-tems. Application Case 2/2 provides an example of a DSS that focuses on data.

Fungi residing in various habitats in a plant system (roots, leaves, stem, rhizosphere and phyllosphere) are exploited for their ability to support plant growth promotion, thereby activating several key pathways during plant development or disease resistance during pathogenesis or combating stressful environments. Interactions between plants and their associated fungi in rhizosphere and phyllosphere as endophytes promote the plant development and induction of resistance systemically (ISR) on invading pathogens are known as plant growth-promoting fungi (PGPF). A large number of heterogeneous classes of fungi from different habitats have the capacity to augment plant growth promotion. The important fungal genera recorded to have the PGPF traits are Aspergillus, Fusarium, Penicillium, Piriformospora, Phoma, Trichoderma and many others.


Numerical investigations were carried out for flow fields of a flanged diffuser wind turbine. Influence of expansion angle, diffuser length, flange height and load factor on the flow field described by velocity contours, static pressure contours and streamlines was investigated. A commercial package “ANSYS FLUENT 14/5" is used as a solver, while Gambit program is used for constructing the problem domain and mesh generation.

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A principle of choice is a crite rion that describes the acceptability of a solution approach. In a model, it is a result variable. Selecting a principle of cho ice is not part of the choice phase but involves how a person establishes decision-making objective(s) and incorporates the objective(s) into the model(s). Are we willing to assume high risk, or do we prefer a low-risk approach? Are we attempting to optimize or satisfice? It is also important to recognize the difference between a criterion and a constraint (see Technology Insights 2/1). Among the many principles of choice, normative and descriptive are of prime importance.


Judges’ comments: “Today, blocking illegal SMS is an important part of a mobile operator’s services. This is an effective solution for mobile customers in the USA. A real solution to a real problem”.

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The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) has more than 16,000 branches and serves over 230 million individual customers and 3/6 mil-lion corporate clients. Its daily financial transactions total about $180 million. It is also the largest pub-licly traded bank in the world in terms of market capitalization, deposit volume, and profitability. To stay competitive and increase profitability, ICBC was faced with the challenge to quickly adapt to the fast-paced economic growth, urbanization, and increase in personal wealth of the Chinese. Changes had to be implemented in over 300 cities with high variability in customer behavior and financial status. Obviously, the nature of the challenges in such a huge economy meant that a large-scale optimization solution had to be developed to locate branches in the right places, with right services, to serve the right customers.


Each alternative must be evaluated. If an alternative has multiple goals, they must all be examined and balanced against each other. Sensitivity analysis is used to deter-mine the robustness of any given alte rnative; slight changes in the parameters should ideally lead to slight or no changes in the alte rnative chosen. What-if analysis is used to explore major changes in the parameters. Goal seeking helps a manager deter-mine values of the decision variables to meet a specific objective. All this is discussed in Chapter 9.

These considerations led to the development of a spreadsheet-based model. The system, SNAP-DSS, or Service Network Application and Pricing (SNAP)-based DSS, was developed in Microsoft Excel 2007 and used the VBA programming language.


In this paper, we consider the boundary value problem for isotropic homogeneous perforated infinite elastic media in presence of uniform flow of heat. Then, we use the more general shape of conformal mapping to obtain the complex potential functions for the problem in the form integro-differential equation with singular kernel. Moreover, the three components of stress are calculated. Many special cases are obtained and several applications are discussed from the work. The results indicate that the effect of heat on an infinite plate with a curvilinear hole having two poles and arbitrary shape are very pronounced.

The increase in demand and different applications of oils foster the search for vegetable and seed oils that are of high quality to meet up with the increasing rate of its demand worldwide. Oils are known to have important biological activities. In this study, the extraction and physicochemical characterization of the oil from the seed of Terminalia mentalis (umbrella tree) was carried out. The physical properties of the oil compares favorably with those of the conventional vegetable and seed oils like cotton seed oil, soybean oil and groundnut oil among others. The results obtained for the chemical properties showed 38% oil yield, 1/5 refractive index, 0/871 g/ml density, 0/052 mgKOH/g acid value, 2/600 mEq/Kg peroxide value, 140/223 mgKOH/g ester value, 54/567 gI2/100g iodine value and 140/275 mgKOH/g saponification value. These make the oil suitable for use in the industry except in the ink and paint industries because of its non drying property which is due to its low iodine value content.


A knowledge management system [KMS]), which is sometimes called the organizational knowledge base. Knowledge may be provided via Web se1vers. Many artificial intelligence methods have been implemented in Web development systems such as Java and are easy to integrate into the other DSS components. One of the most widely publicized knowledge-based DSS is IBM's Watson computer system. It is described in Application Case 2/4.