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In DPF, I argued that absence was a transcendentally necessary feature of being and that the omission of the concept of absence, the absence of absence, was the fundamental category mistake of Western philosophy from the time of Parmenides on. Absence, then, is necessary for presence, for any positive being at all. In particular, absence is necessary for process and change and vital to the topic of dialectic. It should be noted that there are two inflections or definitions of dialectic. On the first, dialectic is the absenting of absences or constraints on absenting absences or ills. On the second, it is the process or the experience of the process of the formation or dissolution of stratified and differentiated totalities. These ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ inflections amount to the same thing. In the architectonic of dialectical critical realism, 1M is a special case of 3L and 4D of 2E (depth is a special case of totality and action of negation). In DPF, various concepts of real negation including transformative or developmental negation and radical or self or subject negation were developed. Here I want to modulate my remarks around the critique of Hegelian dialectic.

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Pressed with requests to go home and eager to prolong his studies, he is now becoming fascinated with Mimamsa, in which ultimately everything of substance or value is seen as in heterocosmic affinity with the Vedas. At the same time he knows his real goal is enlightenment, that poise and equanimity of mind that belongs to the great ones he has encountered in his life: Pythagoras, Buddha, Krishna and perhaps Laozi. How can everything be achieved in such a small compass of time? He sets out once more for the Himalayas, this time in search of the renowned herbal drug soma (which is coincidentally the Greek for body), which is reputed to give immortal life. He finds it without too much difficulty and takes some back with him on his return trip to Greece. He returns home as rapidly as he can, and thence goes back to Croton, where he presents the old Pythagoras with his huge manuscripts. Besides philosophy, he has also taken back much medical knowledge, Indian epistemology and logic, linguistics, numerology, astrology and astronomy. At this pivotal juncture, L14 sees two versions – in parallel, as on a split screen, of the rest of L2’s life (equally confirmed by (and for that matter denied by the other) L2).

Second, we note again the energy influx that occurs with freedom from unnecessary for ms of constraint or heteronomous determination. This sense of transcendence as TIC (웂) of course identifies transcendence with union with the unbounded or unboundedness itself; and thus by a short route with union with the Divine, and the process of immanentisation of transcendent being (or accessing the already (ontologically) immanent (epistemically) transcendent within us). Transcendence is essential to scientific discovery and all human activity. Thus in the logic of scientific discovery there is, as we have just noted, a moment of transcendence within the process of transcendence, when a new transcending or sublating concept emerges (which is just another name for transcendence). Such a concept can be neither induced nor deduced from the existing field of data, but emerges ‘out of the blue’, from the space between or beyond, from nowhere, ex nihilo (out of nothing/non-being/absence (perhaps in moments of silence, play or rest, such as sleep)). Of course the ground for the creative discovery must be prepared. Thus it is typically from a transcendent cause on to an immanent ground, but creativity is essential to all human agency. Every human act is not only a transformation of what pre-existed it but also de novo, a novelty, a new beginning. In this sense it mirrors and mimics the creation. Emergence generally, as the bipolar positive dual or correlative of absence, has the same logical form as the transcendence involved in human creativity but does not essentially involve consciousness, or at least self-consciousness, in the way the latter does.


The conatus, tendency e*, to freedom must win out, though when, where and how are all contingent. This is so not only for each individual soul, but equally for all souls and all species everywhere – truly universal enlightenment and flourishing, the immanentisation of heaven on earth – or, at least if not now on this planet, sometime, somewhere in the cosmos.

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In life four we see him as a scribe in the Essene headquarters at Qumran by the Dead Sea, busily at work with some others on the texts which have become known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. He is at one with the angelic forces of night and day, and he shares the lifestyles and beliefs of his Essene brothers and sisters. This is a happy and long life, spent in harmony with nature and his fellow human beings.

All these species of argument not only establish the legitimacy and irreducibility of ontology but, also articulate a certain content or contours for it, that is, impart to ontology substance and shape. So we need to ask: what kind of world (what shape to being) does a form of activity presuppose or some particular theory postulate or imply? For an ontology of some kind is inexorable, a presupposition of everything we do and an implication of everything we say. The question is not whether to do ontology or not, but what ontology it is that one does.

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So in his second attempt he proceeds overland, at least as far as Arabia. He is fascinated by Egypt, and recalls Alexandria and Phebes from a previous life (L2). He continues his trip by sailing across the Indian Ocean from the Arabian peninsula to near Goa, where he disembarks and stays for a period before resuming his trip round the coast of India to the Bay of Bengal, where he disembarks at Calcutta. He would very much like to travel far north to Kashmir and Tibet, but northern India is dangerous territory now with the Mogul invasions at their peak. Moreover, he is not impressed by the pomp and superficial gloss of the Hinduism that he encounters. He is also fired now by an ambition to go even further east, so he sets sail again for China. The means now have begun to overtake the end. His wanderlust has begun to overtake his desire to synthesise. Travelling and exploring for exploration’s sake is replacing the search for the principle of unity behind all union, and the principle capable of overcoming disunity between religions and faiths, peoples and men (both within and between men), the principle that would see man as a – the – true anima mundi (soul of the world). It is this principle in which he secretly believed but which he could only proclaim if he discovered that God was the soul of man, a discovery which would have to be realised in practice by himself (and to be in principle realisable in practice by all other men).


This concept of a tendency which is eventually realised is stronger than most of the concepts discussed in DPF, p. 78n. It could be dubbed a tendency e*. Its connection with desire, intentionality and thought generally will be discussed later.

We can see the journey itself with its triumphs and tribulations as recapitulating Jesus’ fate up to the crucifixion (just as it retraced his subsequent steps) and the love and atonement which Jesus bestows on him as recapitulating the resurrection. Empowered with an open heart and unconditional love and receiving from the Christ-energy the gift of phronesis or practical wisdom or spontaneous right action, he carries out his dharma. We see him in secret caves, in underground meetings, in torchlike processions, travelling west and east, north and south as well as in Israel. Indeed he may well have travelled more widely in northern India (another promised land) after his meeting with Jesus in the second great journey from west to east in the book. He dies about the time of the Roman assault on Massada. The essential teaching of this life is that love unites, heals and expands; fear divides, alienates and contracts. Love is indeed truly the cement of the universe as the philosopher in L6 will proclaim some 1,400 or so years later before embarking on the soul’s third journey from west to east to be recorded in this book. But the dialectic of shedding, of disemergence or liberation, is not as yet fully complete. Remnants of a divided mind remain. There is further work to be done.


This is a character and a motif which will recur. It signifies an ideal disinterested totality in comparison with the more difficult relations between (1) husband and wife or more generally lovers and (2) parents and children – more generally teachers.

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For within this moment of synthesis or sublation, there is a moment of transcendence within the transcendence. This is the transition point, at which the dialectics of co-presence in the form of the co-presence of positive contraries and negative sub-contraries is most apparent. This is the moment of creation ex nihilo from the gap, the unbounded or the vacuum state. In relation to the topic of transcendental identity consciousness, we noted that it is only after the non-dual experience and in the field of relativity that this experience and the properties to which it affords us access can be defined and described. We also noted the link between the negentropic energy influx which this experience endows us with and the freedom which it helps to afford from entropic heteronomous forms of constraint and degrees of determination.

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Life fifteen sees the integration of the chakra system, fulfilling the desire of life eleven and realising the goal of life nine on the basis of the inspirations afforded by Jesus in life five, Moses in life one, Pythagoras in life two, Buddha in life ten, Krishna in life eleven, and many others in life after life. Each life is connected with a different colour or chakra or complex of colours or chakras. Each life is karmically connected to the lives preceding and following it. The sequence of lives is completed only when the desire for desire, the cause of all suffering, is relinquished.

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The fundamental cause of this may of course be conceptual – avidya, or ignorance, of our essential nature. How this avidya is to be understood and overcome will be discussed in the course of the narrative of the book. This mode of false being is not (or not just) false as an account or in itself, but false in virtue of being contrary to the true nature of human beings.

The ashram is now in every person’s living room, in every kitchen, bedroom, factory and shop; in every field, on the mountaintops and in the oceans as well. The dialectic of embodiment necessitates the spiritualisation of the totality of all of one’s being and that logically entails the spiritualisation of the totality of the whole of manifest being. Selfrealisation by an individual does not require universal self-realisation, but it implies and depends upon a commitment to it. But the nature of the indivisibility of totality must not be misunderstood. What is required is also (but only) that each and every being should shed a sub-totality, that sub-totality which consists of all its heteronomous orders of determination, those levels of constraint which make it something other than itself. So there is much in existence that must be shed and much to be positively absented or eliminated, to be fought against. Evil, including its manifestation as structural sin, exists and is rampant in the world of maya and avidya. This is the truth of the metaphor of life as a battle, in which the gods fight against the demons. The truth of the middle truth, of unity consciousness, is that the demons are entirely parasitic upon the gods. They exist only by virtue of their lack of self-realisation, so to speak. Heteronomous orders of determination are embedded within an autonomous whole.


Tai Chi or life as a dynamic dance, of continual incessant movement, and of emptiness ubiquitously manifest in flux also become models of the dialectical learning process (‘karma’) involved in the cycle of birth and death. This brings me on to the terrain of 2E; negativity and dialectic. Reincarnation was of course already accepted by Pythagoras, but the doctrine of karma which L2 brought over from India had its basis laid for it by the subjection of relative being by Pythagoras and Heraclitus and others to natural law. As for the associated doctrine of moksha or liberation, there were Orphic and Pythagorean counterparts to the practices of yoga and yagya.

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Second, he was in a theory–practice contradiction of his own. He had spent so many of his immediately previous lives in dialectics of inaction, on the path of renunciation, following the way of the recluse that, despite his tantric practices and his rigorous meditations focused on the activation of all the chakras, he was basically in (if not out of) his head. His own dialectic of embodiment was incomplete. His next life would thus have to be lived under the sway of the base chakra. And he would have to struggle in L13–L14 to make his way up through the chakras again. Similarly, his own movement was unrooted, being dependent on the largesse of princes and proto-industrialists and interested Westerners: a largesse that was readily forthcoming, it must be said, and helped him maintain his huge entourage. So he would have to come to terms with the world of wealth and poverty again, experiencing, then understanding it. Money, someone had said, was the lowest form of God-consciousness, but it was however a necessary and increasingly universal means of exchange and accumulation of energy. More generally, he would have to experience and understand power in all its secular varieties. All this implied that his soul must take the turn from the path of renunciation to the path of action, from the way of the recluse to the way of the householder. It implied that the ashrams must be dispersed and rebuilt in the heart of every human being and in the context of day-to-day activities in the relative world, a partial return to the ‘middle truth’ (albeit in a much more mediated and dialectical way).


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He is caught in an ambush in the mountains in the snows, badly wounded and left for dead. He crawls to a nearby monastery, where he is tended by the monks. He reconciles himself to his condition (an acceptance hitherto lacking in his life) and begins patiently to read their texts. One day he sees the Buddha reflected in a pond as the ice begins to melt; the next day, floating high above the mountain tops. The next night he is sitting in his room poring over some ancient texts when, falling asleep, his head thuds against the book he is reading, his third eye opens and he has a vision of the very different (L4) Essene life of simplicity, purity, joy and service. Here, for a moment, in L14’s time machine, two lives merge: the symbol of both lives is the sun, here in L7 the rising sun, which sets up a poignant echo of that Essene life with its very different timbre. The next day his faithful general (KP) visits him in the monastery and is amazed to see the transformation he has apparently and so suddenly undergone. L7 now becomes the most ardent possible practitioner and student of Zen and takes his vows in the monastery, sacrificing the privileges of his feudal past. He is seemingly a transformed character. However, lust and love for his young wife take him back.

Here Taoist thought takes two forms. On the first, emptiness as unboundedness, the absolute, as an absent totality, conforms to the notion of the void or unboundedness in Buddhist and Vedic texts. On the other hand, the middle truth (as promulgated and practised by L9) sees emptiness as manifest everywhere and anywhere in the flux.


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That is to say, autonomy, totality, omnipotence, unboundedness may all (though not in the same way, and not perhaps by us) be both qualitatively and/or quantitatively differentiatable and unbounded or infinite in depth and extent, intensity and scope. Inscribed within relative (dependent) human being are levels of false dependent (relative) being or demi-reality (illusory, veiled, occluded, twilight, demi-being, so to speak).

As in Chinese yin and yang, Platonic forms and flux (or Aristotle’s form and matter), Vedic bounded and unbounded and Buddhist void and phenomena. Heterocosmically related couples include part–whole, above–below, inner-outer, one-many and so on.


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These demarcate ways in which social reality may contain and even come to be dominated by falsity (maya, ideology or objective illusion), modes in which it is untrue respectively of (or about) in and to (or for) itself. Let us consider these three in turn. Social reality, like natural reality, is really pre-categorised (in the ID) independently of any account of its categorial constitution or categorisation (in the TD). However it follows from the conceptuality of social reality that it may be falsely but objectively (although dependently) categorised by agents; and that that illusory categorisation – in ideological discourse – will be a real part of the totality it obscures.

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I start with a brief description of L9. In it the soul is reborn as a male, again in China but further west in Szechwan province. Naive, vulnerable and somewhat effeminate (infused with yin energy), he leaves home and his mandarin parents at an early age, having being well schooled in all the systems of Chinese philosophy, to write poetry and fathom the mysteries of the universe. But he finds himself scorned for his radical and naturalist Taoist philosophy (into which he wishes to inject an element of spirituality and openness). Abused and neglected, he travels throughout the Chinese world, finding solace only in nature, dreams of a beautiful woman and occasional conversations with sympathetic Buddhist and Taoist monks. Though a well-known Taoist priest, this life, like L5 and L8, is about rejection, the abuse of power, but also, like L5, it is about the opening of the heart chakra. This is the first life of enlightenment. But though the Chinese poet has the truth, there is no one to hear it. He dies young, lost in contemplation of the beauty of a rose, symbol of enlightenment and love, reflected in water. It is this rose that is captured in the cover of the book.

What we should be afraid of - is his mirage. But all of this is easy to avoid if you know how.


Thus even if it is experienced as absolute and the experience is of unboundedness, it is still also the experience of a bound physiology or whatever. We have to begin to think of God, superconsciousness, transcendental intuition, etc, in terms of categories such as constellational unity, including a moment of identity-in-difference, unity-in diversity and so on.

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Thus modern philosophy begins with the Cartesian ego. Kant sees this to be an impossibility, and argues that an objective manifold is a condition of the possibility of the subjective transcendental unity of perception, which reciprocally allows us to synthesise the empirical manifold presented by a world unknowable in itself. Hegel sees the transcendental unity of self-consciousness as a social achievement which is ultimately grounded in a public world of moral order, enshrined in the constitutional structures of his rational state. But Marx identifies the real basis of the Hegelian state in civil society founded on the alienation, exploitation and suffering of man. The further transcendental turn is to see this suffering and that oppression as grounded in structures of avidya and maya, of self-alienation of humanity. These structures of self-alienation and ignorance, these real illusions and that real suffering and oppression are however entirely parasitic on the essential freedom (enlightenment) and creativity of man, in which consideration lies the permanent possibility of its overthrow. Man’s enlightenment pre-exists and post-exists his suffering and ignorance, but he becomes Self conscious and realised (actualised and experienced in practice, on the physical plane) as a result of overthrowing the veils which are there precisely for that very purpose.

Finally, there is the platinum plate which is its diagnostic value in revealing the categorial structures of the societies in which the philosophical dialectic emerges and which it in a measure reflects. Before I come on to this, however, I want to say something about the characteristic normative duality of absence. Absence has both a process, product or outcome and a normative duality. Normatively, negatively, incompleteness or lack generates contradiction, inconsistency, split, dualism or alienation. Positively, absence appears in the guise of the space (the gap or the unbounded) out of which there emerges the moment of transcendence and within this moment that moment of creativity, of generation ex nihilo in which I have argued every genuine human transformative act is in heterocosmic affinity with God’s creation of the universe.


This is the value of the notion of avidya as practical. Both L2 and L3 live lives which are replete with theory–practice contradictions. In particular, they fail to embed the absolute in relative reality despite their varied experiences of the absolute and their (different) commitments to this project. Their lives illustrate how dicey is the dialectic of absolute and relative, of inner and outer well-being. They both illustrate a failure in the dialectics of shedding and embodiment to the point where action from a standpoint in which the absolute is embedded in the relative, namely spontaneous right action, or what I called ‘straight-through’ or ‘straight-away’ action, action without the entropic inertia of the past, is possible. Spontaneous right action is action which is once totally free, in expressing the nature of the self as concretely singularised and thus-formed spirit, and maximally right (coherent, aefficacious and so on). Action from this standpoint is radically free and sufficient to obtain its ends, no longer necessitated or bound by the dictates of quantum natural law or karma or the presence and aefficacy of the past.

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A young child crosses the Red Sea, in the company of his parents and siblings, with Moses at the age of seven. He lives to be a great age, is happily married and has three children (two boys and a girl). He learns his father’s trade as a potter but his vocation is to be a teacher, in which he is schooled by Moses and his immediate circle. He teaches the children of the chosen people, in small groups of three or four, the esoteric teachings of the perennial wisdom. In life five he will follow the apple of his eye, his eldest son, and start his mandate of teaching the unconverted. In this life we see our hero as a youth and an adult successfully negotiating his way through the perils of the various initiations necessary to assume the vocation of spiritual teacher. Though a life of trial, tribulation and hardship, this is nevertheless a happy life, in which the soul begins to acquire an understanding of the principles and purposes of his destiny. It is naturally connected with lives four and five and indeed other Judaic and Christian lives, especially life six. In life two the soul appears in Ancient Greece, again as a teacher (to the sons of the rich). Under the influence of Pythagoras, an enormous, expansive mind roams the stars at night and ponders their meaning by day.

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Full text of "Educational film catalog (1939)"

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To avoid this, we absolutely can not have anything that might reflect damage back. Even you can see on many of my Duelist videos, even during pvp with TH they remove Frintezza.


Later, that same father visits her in her new household in disguise. Indeed she sees her love for herself as the fount of her love for others. She sees through it and forgives him. She does not fail to love herself either. She has learned the secret of natural contraception and will feign illness in order to avoid the risk of conception. However, she does have a daughter by a lusty scholarly gentleman (B), who finds her a pleasant distraction from his studies and engages in a duel for her affections with a rival (KP), a military man with great stamina in bed.

These three weaknesses are not unconnected. He is alienated partly because he refuses to take, in practice as well as in theory, social mediations (such as that given by the Confucian concept of the state mandate of heaven) seriously. This is a real weakness in his system and the dialectic that From East to West describes will have to remedy this in L12–L15 through the experience and understanding of the socioeconomic/political world if the project of universal self-realisation, formulated in L11, that is, of the Self as totality, is to be completed. Without social mediations, the dialectic is radically complete. Among these social mediations are an appreciation of the need for universally accessible and stabilised, communicable techniques of self-realisation, and L9’s refusal to enunciate any such techniques is in violation, as already noted, of standard Buddhist and Buddhist-influenced Chinese practice. The middle truth may be the truth, but it must be in accordance with reason and communicable, and related to the pre-existing practices and traditions of those L9 will seek to engage in it. Still he speaks. He faces down and overcomes his fear. His heart is open and his throat chakra active: he expresses himself clearly, although he does not communicate his message accessibly. He has however learned the lesson of L5, which both recapitulated the fate and retraced the steps of Jesus. Though a Taoist in this life, he is empowered by the Buddha, and he sees no conflict between Buddhist and Taoist principles.


The path of development just is the dialectic to greater totality, through transcendence of splits, alienations, conflicts and so on, ultimately to self-determination = liberation = totality. Both fear and desire moreover are based on beliefs, and beliefs are to be analysed as more or less ingrained, habitual dispositions. The false beliefs which inform fears and desires are based on avidya or ignorance of the true nature of things (including especially the Self). All dialectics of action and inaction ultimately lead to enlightenment. But there is a practical distinction to be made between the dialectics of shedding and embodiment.

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Realist philosophy can play a diagnostic and corrective, politically transformative role here. In particular, the conceptuality of social life entails (through hermeneutics) a central role for transcendental arguments (from activities conceptualised in the experience of the agents concerned) and hence for dialectical arguments and thence for immanent–ideological–explanatory critiques. But the aefficacy of ideology–critique depends upon its capacity to (help) initiate or infuse a dialectic of self씮Self-realisation turning upon transformed transformative practice.

Structures in the (token as distinct from type) sense of structurata, to invoke Andrew Collier’s useful concept. See DPF, p. 50 and passim; A. Collier, Scientific Realism and Socialist Thought, Hemel Hempstead, 1989.


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Thus there was the unjustifiable and antiquated caste system, a growing class structure and the continuing oppression of women. On all these issues he took a radical stance. He implied moreover that individual self-realisation entailed an immediate practical commitement or conatus to their overthrow. This we can understand as a natural corollary of the dialectic of desire, which is also from attachment generally, to freedom. This dialectic takes two forms – individual and universal – and though the former is its necessary condition, without the latter the former remains incomplete. Caste, class and gender were the proximate source of just some of the social splits – others were generational, familial, regional, occupational and so on – within Hindu India. But there was also the splits between Hinduism, Islam and Christianity and the communal conflicts that the split between Hindu and Muslim India generated. Then there were the splits between Hinduism and all the other faiths of the world, and the increasingly prominent split within India between the growing power of the West, and British rule in particular, and native Indian aspirations and opportunities.


Crossing the Red Sea with Moses: the teacher [red] (a sort of idyllic, and the holy grail). In Ancient Greece (I): the philosopher [orange] – from Pythagoras to Laozi (to Plato) and the illusions of soma. In Ancient Greece (II): the orchard [yellow] – or Orpheus in the underworld and the perils of attachment. Scrolling: the writer [green] – (in Qumran: joy, unconditionality and service). From Galilee to Kashmir: meeting the Master [blue] (transcending fear and the expanded self). The itinerant Cardinal (northern–central Italy) – the mediator and explorer [purple] – voyages of discovery (and from West to East (III)). The warlord (Japan) [red]: the Rising Sun and the divided mind. In China (I): the emergent heart and a life in bondage [yellow]. In China (II): A Taoist dawn and the middle truth: in search of balance, the quest for nothing (emptiness) and enlightenment in alienation [blue]. In Tibet: a Himalayan heartbeat [indigo] – or compassion and the void (from individual liberation to universal selfrealisation).

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Differences in official build and Java are very big. If on L2OFF platform we will be the gods, so on Java we will be cannon fodder in solo against 3-4 strong enemies.

L2phx 3.1.8 Interlude

This time, I put into it everything that I knew. And i decided NOT TO ALLOW the old mistakes to happen again, and to write a guide from nothing, based only on my experience. It will not have 50% of the content erased as last time, now it will be informative and interesting.


Its focus on collective karma and structural sin, however, lays the agenda for the programme of universal self-realisation to be increasingly of concern in the developing trajectory of the soul. This is the real gain of L3. (3) Masochism. This can be conceived in three main ways. The first is as an attempt to focus on or an identification with the oppressed, prohibited (censored), underside, devalued member of Pythagorean dyads or heterocosmic couples or polar opposites or its symbols or martyrs, harbingers or saints.

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Faith and reason are twin pillars which can be juxtaposed but never combined. Subtle experience does not unite them, nor can ontological depth harmonise them. This life – of intellectual and physical travel (from mind to spirit and West to East) – also determines the location of the next life in Japan, which sets up the reverse journey from East to West from which this book takes its title. Thus in life seven we see him in Japan as a warlord in a family of warlords, a grand strategist, but with a terrible and fiery temper. If there is a negative karma of abuse it is incurred in this life, but is also ‘fated’ in the sense that he is born into a feudal society characterised by conflict, destruction and death, in which only the strongest survive. Gradually, however, under the patient counsel of one of his generals who practises Zen, he comes to see that there are gentler, simpler and calmer ways of being and doing (accomplishing things). The symbol of this life is the sun, which sets up a poignant echo of the Essene life with its very different tone. In its next life the soul is born as a woman to a peasant family in China. At a young age she is sold by her father into a richer household. She grows up without education and is used and abused by this new household for profit.

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Thus here we have (웂) the transcendent as experientially (and more generally ontically) unmanifest, and derivative from this, (웂’) the idea of the transcendent as epistemically unknown. This leads into two derivatives: (웂1'), the idea of the transcendent as the source, such as the nihilo in creation ex nihilo (which may be just the gap between thoughts); and (웂2'): the idea of the transcendent as the ultimatum, the envelope, the unbounded boundary of known or knowable being. I move on now to (b) transcendence. The most basic concept here is perhaps that of overcoming some level of being, or consciousness or experience of being. Thus we have (a) the idea of transcendence in the sense of the sublating synthesis that overcomes dualism, contradiction and so on in the development of dialectical processes. But within this process (and achievement) of resolution, synthesis, sublation or transcendence (a), there is a moment of transcendence (ß).

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Inter alia this grounds (웃) the essential unity of man as a particular species, and of all [human] modes of accessing God. But God may, and arguably must, be ingredient in different species to differing degrees29 and/or in different ways. So what are the differentia specifica of God’s ingredience in man?

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This is inaction in the sense of spontaneous or basic-like right action. That is inaction in the sense of acting spontaneously so that all action becomes ‘basic’, without effort or mediation (or even thought, so to speak), rather than inaction in the sense of meditation or ontological retreat.

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He has access but cannot embody that access, because he cannot let go of a past that he has yet to clear. In L3, this will give way to a divided mind which replicates Orpheus’ fate in the contradiction between lack of soul force (to be repaired in L7) and the failure to let go, specifically to forgive (to be repaired in L8). I now want to take up the relationship between L2’s thought and some other thinkers, traditions and themes. We have already seen that, opposed to Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism, evil is seen as a distortion, a dislocation, deviation from or privation of good; ultimately ignorance of alethic reality – a real but subordinated (neither co-equal nor inevitable) moment of the totality. Ultimately, it is impotent in the face of (unconditional) love, including unconditional love for oneself, which implies forgiveness and letting go of the past (the lesson L3 cannot swallow). This leads readily to the doctrine of ahimsa or nonviolence and incorporates such practices as Pythagorean vegetarianism.


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Illusions inform vices, which typically take the form of two excesses (manifesting lack of mean or balance or correct measure, proportion, ratio). Thus, for example, under and over self-indulgence; that is lack of or excessive selfindulgence (in food, drink, sleep, pleasure and so on). For example one part of us – the self – wants to sleep; and another part – the Self – wants to get up to work. Then the self will think up a self-interested compromise: ‘well, it’s Sunday, I can afford to let myself spend an extra two hours in bed’. To be enlightened – en-lightened – to know in the sense of know p is to know what you = yourSelf wants (to become enlightened is to have become what (and only (as in the dialectic of shedding) and fully (as in the dialectic of embodiment)) we ourselves are.


Outwardly, L3 is active but uneventful. Much of her time is spent waiting for the menfolk to return from war. Waiting, she forms friendships with male slaves – especially one from Egypt (the Arab tradesman, the father of her love in L2, who took advantage of her and betrayed her into a den of thieves in what is now Baghdad) and a Jew from Palestine (who she will renew acquaintance with in L4) – initiating them into the Orphic mysteries. Her passions are music, singing, poetry and reading; meditating; fasting and cleansing (though not outwardly obsessed with possessions, she is somewhat obsessed with excretion – the feeling: to produce, to be poetic) and she also writes a little. She is above all however a bookish reader, a cultivator and educator, a yoghini in waiting. It is, however, not or not only a husband3 which she needs, but unconditional love and forgiveness for herself. Only this will allow her to be in the moment of her being, to live in the present. L3, like L8, shows the suppression and suffering, but also the strength of womankind. She shows patience and fortitude and to an extent overcomes envy and bitterness (as in sour fruits). She readily forgives and gives (though not perhaps as readily as L8), but the one she will not forgive is herself or let go of her attachment to the past.

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Rather than merely growth and development, in which sense it could be said entirely generally that error was a part of learning and that there could be no liberation save from constraint. However, transposed to the human context this truism generates the important theorems that there could be no enlightenment without avidya and that if we are already enlightened, no recognition or realisation of it without a prior forgetting (or fall), no unveiling without some (chronologically and/or analytically prior) veil. Moreover, this itself seems to be part of what is meant by the process of learning in the human world. Not just Self (which we already are) but consciousness of Self – or Self-consciousness – a Self-consciousness from which we are at present alienated. And in particular from the real absenting of modes of presenting the transcendent – most characteristically through modalities of creative silence, or more generally absence – in dialectics of what I will call ‘inaction’.

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We have seen that L12 before he dies wishes to see the world unified in the spirit of joy and justice. But first the karma of this life must be played out. Born in southern Italy, near Amalfi, L13 is endowed with a huge mind but experiences a life of suffering, frustration and desire. His throat chakra is blocked and he is unable to express himself properly in his speech or in anything he does.

From East to West: Odyssey of a Soul

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The possibility of giving irreducibly psychological or sociopsychological explanations of intentional phenomena presupposes the preexistence of the soul prior to the physical embodiment to or in which the phenomena occur. Similarly, the irreducible causal aefficacy of ideas, and intentional states generally, presupposes the post-existence of the souls involved in them. Without the supposition of reincarnation there are insufficient causes and insufficient consequences of intentional states and actions for the thesis of ubiquity determinism, that is insufficient explanations and aeffects for differences in the human social world. To deny reincarnation or karma involves a dualistic split between agency or action and agent. This is a residue of reason/cause, mind/body dualism.


It is this feature of the stratification of being which allows us to reconcile the ontological immanence and transcendence of God. That is to say an absolute which is constituted by a degree, potentially unknowable to us, from our cosmic standpoint, of potentially limitless (transfinite) series of levels or degrees of limitlessness or unboundedness.

Man is essentially being (subject-referential) rather than having (attached, object-referential); and this being is to be embodied, in intentional engaged but unattached activity. Man is essentially enlightened, not ignorant (avidyic). The totality of master–slave relationships, including internalised ones, depends entirely on the creativity of slaves and in this consideration lies the possibility, rather inexorability, of their emancipation. Similarly, evil is entirely parasitic on good, and the very possibility of attachment depends upon the separation and autonomy of being from having. Action is naturally dharmic, spontaneously right, and karma is literally a thing of the past. Spontaneously, action is spontaneously right; it is heteronomous mediations that make it erroneous evil or otherwise wrong. The dialectic of emancipation is essentially one of disemergence, in which the emergence of intentionality, freedom and creativity is preserved at the expense of the rejection of unnecessary and injurious heteronomous orders of constraint and determination. To be free, we only have to become what we essentially are.


He drops a precious earthenware water jug and it fragments into twelve pieces. This water jug is a symbol both of purity (water) and of the age of Aquarius (the water pourer) into which we are now entering (the moment of repurification or of shedding (heteronomous determinations). It also symbolises that the soul will have to meet with and encounter impurity (and repurify) in order to realise its mission. Water is also a symbol of the angelic essence covering (like a veil) God.

L3 purifies the bodily vehicle (and her mind to an extent) but not her heart; she cannot forgive herself. It is fear which underpins this failure to let go, to trust. Expansion and embodiment will occur in L4, but the fear is only overcome in L5. However, elements of the contradiction of L3 are still left after L5, in the divided minds of L6 and L7, only to be overcome by the lives of service and enlightenment in L8 and L9 respectively.


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Thought, or chi (energy), manifest in the form of consciousness, informs the conversation, just as it forms the machine, which produces real material effects on another thing or being, or more generally, the world. Moreover, one cannot change the world tautologically, except by acting (or inacting) oneself. This itself presupposes or includes an act performed by (if not necessarily immediately upon) oneself. So tautologically and obviously, the first step in changing the world is to change oneself; and conversely, by changing oneself one begins to change the world. This can happen in a linear or holistic way, and in a gross or subtle manner. Finally, L8 discovers that the only response to suffering is joy in union with the Divine, which itself entails activity to absent that suffering and its causes, causes which ultimately lie themselves in alienation from the Divine. In this way, joy in union with the Divine will also lead to joy in union with all manifestations of the Divine – the plenitude of being. If L6 and L7 are lives of power, L8 and L9 are lives of apparent powerlessness. But L8 has discovered the secret of apparent powerlessness, that it is upon the creativity of slaves in abusive power or master–slave relationships that all wealth and production, including the reproduction of that very relationship, and therefore the open possibility of its transformation, ultimately depends. L8 has come to terms with life and has acquired mastery of the arts of love and forgiveness (including self-love and self-forgiveness), making them her own, but she cannot systematise or universalise her practical skills in the way she would like to do, although no doubt they have subtle heterocosmic and karmic effects on others.


Non-ultimate levels of being are dependent or relative. Ultimate levels of being are more or less relatively absolute or relatively independent. Non-relatively absolute or completely independent being (the real, total and enduring ultimatum) or the absolute simpliciter is God. God is the alethic or the ultimate (self-grounded) ground of all grounds of being, the unconditioned condition of possibility of all conditions and all possibilities.

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This is a serious problem for Buddhist epistemology. However, on a dispositional realist account the soul as an underlying, relatively ultimate, continuant can be analysed just as a disposition or power (which may be as concretely singularised or individuated, that is as complex and elaborated as you like).

L8, like L3, is partially about the fate of women; and like L3, it shows the suppression and suffering, but also the strength, of womenkind. It isolates very clearly the abuse of male power as structural sin. More generally, however, it is about the abuse of power and forgiveness. It is also about the Tao, the way as manifest in service and industry, balanced in multiple activity, including flexibility as well as concentration, that is, multiple (plural) mindfulness in concentrated activity. And finally, it is about such service, forgiveness and strength in a heart which does nothing but or except in the name of the Buddha or of Quan-Yin, the Madonna-like Buddhist Bodhisattva of mercy or compassion. L8 is born as a woman to a peasant family in southern China. She is regarded by her family, and especially her father, who regularly beats and abuses her, as a liability and is sold into a richer household when she reaches puberty. She grows up without education and is used and abused by this new household for profit. She works in a sweatshop making writing instruments (and related goods, inks and paint brushes and the like), cooks and cleans, tends the pigs, and feeds and looks after wild boar and the domestic animals of the household. After some time her erstwhile suitor and abuser readily begins to rent her out to other men, attracted by her beauty and industry, for their pleasure.


Ontology is of course necessary for any self-conscious and consistent realism, and its defence is therefore essential for combating the various scepticisms noted in the foreword. Moreover, the fact that I argue not only for its possibility and necessity (indeed inexorability) but also for its possessing a definite content – that is, not only for being, but for the contours or shape of being (and for their necessity too) – is of the utmost moment. For it is in the last instance what distinguishes transcendental realism from transcendental idealism, and all the traditions that stem from or invoke it (however repugnant they might have been to its founder), including contemporary discourse theory1 and a whole host of currently fashionable modern and postmodern positions.

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L6 is of course nearly 1,400 years after the end of L5. In the interim many lives have ensued (including some which will be briefly referred to in Italy relevant for L13 and in India relevant for L11), which need not concern us here. Born in northern Italy, near Bologna, to a great and noble family at odds with itself, he quickly becomes adept at mediating and conciliating his way around different parties. This familial background sets the agenda for the dominating concern of his life, overcoming splits and alienations. Imbued with a passionate and somewhat flamboyant temperament, with a great love of the sciences and arts, and of nature too, and endowed with a spiritual disposition and a mind of tremendous fluency, he sets out to resolve, in his youth and early adulthood, the disputes and divisions raging across the post-Renaissance, so-called ‘enlightened’ world. An advocate of the newly emerging experimentally informed and rationally inspired post-Aristotelian sciences, he uses his influence and teaches his students to mediate the respective truths of science and religion. He is the negotiator and mediator par excellence. Wherever there is a dispute he will set out to settle it, and usually succeed in doing so. But he must settle it on a principled basis. He is opposed to hypocrisy (such as are involved in the sale of indulgences, which he deplores) and half-truths. He is in love with reason, and believes that reason must be one and whole.


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Knowledge is practical and contextual; and the method of theoretical knowledge is dialectical or immanent– ritical. There is no unhypothetical starting point. Absolute or self is achieved as an end not experienced as a beginning from which one in daily life proceeds. There may be, as in meditation or prayer or communion, daily transcendence or access to God or one’s higher self. This is indeed the daily bread, the daily subsistence and sustenance of which the New Testament speaks, but this self is always there and can be reached wherever the body or consciousness is located, just as the process of self-realisation can be carried on any of the multiplicity of paths L2 comes across.

To this, each human being is in every act logically committed. To change the world, man only has to realise himself. This is a dream that many radicals, including Rousseau and Marx, have had, namely that man to be free has only to throw off the shackles of constraint that inhibit the realisation of his true being and which underpin, as conditions of their possibility, the emergence of those constraints. Surprisingly enough this is a vision which conforms entirely with the system of Vedantic philosophy that comes down to us from ancient India. Man to be free has only to shed his illusions, the world of avidya or maya that is an emergent, false but real, product of his activity in the relative phase of existence. If man is essentially free, both radical West and mystical East can unite in agreeing that the goal of life is to re-realise this essential freedom, to become what we essentially are and have never ceased to be, despite all our illusions to the contrary. To become free all we need to do is to shed our illusions. These are the chains which bind us to the presence of the past. It is time to let go, to live life afresh.


Thus in Chinese, properties take a processual or verbal form. One cannot say that the grass is green but must say that the grass is greening. This is a function of the fact that there is no absolute or simple distinction between noun and verb in Chinese. Metaphysically, this reflects the fact that in their thought one thing is always passing into something else.

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Finding only intermittent refuge in a love affair which had begun in this way, she eventually dies of exhaustion in her mid-forties. Let me expand a bit on this brief account of her life. She has no education formally, but she is teaching herself how to read and write. She wears an amulet of the Buddha, and everything she does is dedicated to the Buddha. This amulet is given to her by the love of her life, her male companion from L4 (AC), who worked with her then on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Together, they study Buddhist texts. There is mutual recognition between them, just as they both recognise the Buddha as their master. Though she does not actually ‘see’ Essene days, she has an intimation of them, and of her previous work and friendship with her companion. She does nothing except in the name of the Buddha or of QuanYin. She would like to learn and study more but, hardworking as well as beautiful, she is too busy, both sustaining the household and being exploited (in effect being used by its head as a prostitute for profit).

The soul has the acceptance and recognition which was denied him in L9, that is, he is no longer alienated from his community, but his community is still alienated from much of the rest of the world. This sets the scene for the debate which was raging through the Sangha, the monastic order which the Buddha founded and of which L10 was a member, between the proponents of (individual) liberation and those of compassion.


In each case a third transcending or sublating position, such as critical naturalism, relationism, the transformational model of social activity, synchronic emergent powers materialism and so on, was motivated. The theory of explanatory critique was directed against one of these dichotomies in particular, namely the fact/value one, and especially Hume’s law that one cannot derive an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’.

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Through the person of Christ and the power or vocation of the Church, perhaps. But this leaves too big a gap between Christianity and other religions, and between the theory and practice of the Church, not to mention between the Church and the lay people and their institutions. Moreover, it is manifest that the Church is not the unifying force that perhaps the Christ could be. He begins to explore the idea that the same unifying truth is expressed in distorted form in all religions, which he would like to unify under the banner of the energy and teaching which the Christ supremely expressed. He is still, however, looking for a principle of unity which is transcendent to man. And this is the theoretical flaw in his system which reflects the practical failing in his life. The failure to realise that God is immanent in man himself (and especially that he is immanent in L6 himself, and indeed as his Self), immanent and actualised though occluded. The project of realising God is to become what we truly are. And what we truly are is shared – at one with – what each other soul truly is, though we may expect each and every soul to manifest and singularise (individuate) itself in some particular (and more or less unique) set of specific ways. Through his knowledge of Gnostic Christianity together with his engagements and debates with non-Christian (monotheistic but still essentially transcendent) religious traditions, he has picked up some inkling of the teachings of Vedic and Buddhist philosophy.

He teaches dialectic and investigates the mysteries of being. In Chapter 2 he is interrogated by his counterpart in life fourteen, who shares many of his interests and some of his fame. He predicts eclipses and earthquakes, he argues and heals, uses symbols and signs and he is never still: a bumble bee. He sees himself as completing the work of Pythagoras by bringing the wisdom of the East (including some sacred Vedic texts and Buddha’s oral teaching) to the West. In life three the soul is again reincarnated in Ancient Greece, but this time as a woman. Coming from a powerful and learned family, she is betrothed at an early age into a family of similar caste. But the menfolk are away at war and she takes on responsibility for educating the young (although she is to remain childless herself). She shares the interests of her predecessor in life two and becomes a member of a secret cult, whose symbol is the apple. Half-muse, half-oracle, she practises an extreme form of Pythagorean vegetarianism, eating only fruit, especially lemons and oranges; and eventually dies at an early age from malnutrition. She is however a strong woman, and has dreamed of a former age – in Atlantian times – when women and especially priestesses were dominant.


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Illusion (in being, in the intransitive dimension) one could say is no illusion (error) or delusion (of judgement, in the transitive dimension), but exists and is ubiquitous and aefficacious in the self-alienated social world. Objective illusion is of course ultimately subjectively grounded in the self-alienation of man.


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Incompleteness of this (as indeed any) sort leads to split, dualism and alienation. Characteristic responses to it were mapped by Hegel in his figures of the beautiful soul, the stoic, the sceptic and the unhappy consciousness. The beautiful soul is isolated from his community. Pure unto himself, he is alienated from the society and world he must inhabit and upon which he ultimately depends.

The philosophical ontologies explicitly articulated by such arguments, or otherwise tacitly presupposed, delineate the general character, contours or shape of being, or we could say (as we shall see in section 1/3 below) they explicate its categorial structure. They must be distinguished from the specific scientific ontologies constituted by particular scientific theories, postulating particular types of entities and processes, which detail the specific features and particular contents of the general landscape which the philosophical ontology demarcates and charts.


Conversely, progress in philosophy depends upon (or essentially involves movement towards) greater self씮Self-consciousness. This development – from egocentricity to Self-consciousness – is of course an aspect of the dialectic of self-realisation which this book describes and this introduction thematises. At the same time we are now in a position to begin to trace a general pattern in the dialectic of maya (of which the denegation of ontology is a form). Objectively (or indeed subjectively) constituted illusion, itself grounded in categorial error (avidya) and incompleteness, generates substantive error (mistakes, misjudgements, incorrect actions), which generates fear.

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Ontological realism (inter alia about God) combined with epistemological– experiential relativism, pluralism (tolerance, fallibilism and so on) encompassing the project of a synthesis of East and West and the idea (if not always its practice of) love and unity with the divine wherever it is found – whether, for instance, in India or in Greece. The role of absence, the emptiness and the void (Laozi, and to an extent Buddha, versus Parmenides). Dialectic, 2E, including reincarnation and karma. The dialectic of self-realisation from empirical ego to transcendental Self and the requisite techniques of self-realisation.


Of course our epistemic categorisation is also real, but it is not what it is about, even when it is correct. The epistemic is constellationally contained within being (which also includes the non-extra- and pre-epistemic). Transcendental realism, especially as developed in dialectical critical realism, insists that everything, including logical contradictions, category mistakes and concepts generally (not to mention human actions), is part of being. To exclude anything is to alienate it, dualistically split being and so initiate a chain of avidya–tina formation. However, neither such a constellational realism (realism about everything) nor the conceptual realism it entails is what is meant by categorial realism, although all three are features of any self-consistent realism. Categorial realism is more specific, insisting on the transcendental reality of the categories prior to and independently of any knowledge or account of them. It will help to fix the discussion if we had some examples of social categories in mind. Money, capital, wages, prices, housing, higher education, health care, religious worship and war are all examples of social categories.

Stratified monism; the reality of change and difference, space and time (including ontological realism and epistemological relativism) leading to the notion (in effect) of a concrete universal. L2 interlude hack enchant firefox. The emergent, though subordinate, reality of evil; and evil as dependent upon avidya; but avidya – both real, emergent and dependent upon incompleteness, alienation or lack – must be itself seen as a practical affair. Thus from (1) and (2) we have the view of the universe as a fundamentally harmonious whole leading to a stratified monism and with the harmoniousness of the whole qualified by the acceptance of the reality of evil. The resolution of Parmenides’ trilemma; but emptiness is everywhere or anywhere. I will elaborate further on this in the interlude following Part B of Chapter 2. See the significance of the Greek princess’s search for eternal youth following Aphrodite’s footsteps and their brief apocryphal encounter.


For A was not initially known, and may not even have been manifest, in the context of the dialectics of scientific This allows us to see how free will and relative autonomy are consistent with constraint and ultimate determination, on which more anon. Correlatively disemergence occurs with the removal or disconnection of B, and may take the form of liberation from a degree of constraint on freedom, for example from illusory and other heteronomous modes or orders of determination and constraint. It is on this feature of emergent (intentional) states that, as we shall see in section 2, the transcendental deduction of the ideas of reincarnation and karma depend. Except for some special geo-historically emergent contexts or totalities characterised by situations, relations or structures of co-dependence; see below.

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From this standpoint, which was already prefigured by the understanding of L10, individual self-realisation and the project of universal self-realisation mutually implied each other. For on the one hand individual liberation was impossible without the virtue of compassion, and in particular an orientation to help the liberation of others and more generally the relief of suffering everywhere – that ubiquitous phenomenon (suffering) whose cause and cure the Buddha had so pellucidly pinpointed.


This last is a distinct point from saying 5 that we can validly infer properties of the absolute from (but not normally during) though we may perhaps be able to do so on the edge or threshold (ritambhara) of) TIC. Both these last two points are however grounded in the same consideration, namely that the absolute, unboundedness and so on also exists in the relative field, as ingredient in man. In fact it is probably better to conceive it (perhaps monadically or implicately (in Bohm’s sense)) as allpervasive rather than atomic; and even if it is simple, there may be boundless degrees (realms, orders) of simplicity, of the infinitesimal, of emptiness, zero or the void (absence or nothing).

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Thus it violates an important principle of in particular Chinese Buddhist tradition, which is always to tie a principle, teaching or practice to a particular type of meditation or meditative practice. Everyone is concerned (or so it seems to him) with ceremony, ritual and stereotyped performance (li as performance) whether the role being played is that of the gentleman, the superior man or the sage.


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It is inwardly active too; she is a contemplative yoghini and voracious reader of Orphic and other esoteric philosophical and political texts. She even sings Orphic renditions of Vedic hymns brought back by him from India.


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In this community each morning and evening, at least while he is at the main site in Qumran, he takes the morning and evening Essene communions. Each morning is dedicated to an angel associated with the Earthly Mother. From Sunday through to Saturday respectively, these are the angels of earth, life, joy, the sun, water, air and the Earthly Mother Herself. Each evening is dedicated to an angel associated with the Heavenly Father. From Sunday through to Saturday, these are those of creative work, peace, power, love, wisdom, the Heavenly Father Himself and eternal life. One Sunday evening he feels a great force descend upon his head, at his crown chakra, experiencing it visibly expanding, and sensing within him the very presence and being of the angel of creative work. He is to be the bumble bee, the creative worker, the transformer who pollinates the roses (and other flowers) of enlightenment. This is the soul’s vocation, its dharma. He recognises it then and attempts to realise it in practice in this life and the others to come. But in addition, each day he will try to apply the principle of the angelic force or essence of that day.

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Paradoxically, she feels as once both rejected and relieved when he stops this process. Masochism, narcissism and a combination of a longing for the past and a yearning for an unperceived future are secret motifs of this life. If L2 is a drifter, L3 is a dreamer.

The second level is dualism with its hidden aporiai, consequent upon the real alienation, reification, ontological monovalence and so on of demi-reality. At the third and deepest level, this real irrealist categorial structure, including the totality of characteristic split and combined tina formations, and the variety of heteronomous forms of determination, rests as we have seen ultimately on the self-alienation of man from himself, God and the cosmic totality of which he is an aspect. In this way it reveals the basic contradiction between real and irreal categorial structures, and autonomous and heteronomous orders of determination, reflecting the split between Self and self, that is the selfalienation of man or man’s alienation of himself from his Self, and from God, totality and the cosmos. Before I go on to discuss the transcendental deduction of reincarnation, karma and moksha or liberation, the dialectic in From East to West, and say a bit more about the dialectical critique of analytical reasoning, I want to focus on a 4D counterpart of absence: inaction.


Here and now she is somewhat obsessed by water, both to drink and to wash, as if feeling the need to continually atone for and purify herself for sins (real or imagined) she had committed in the past. Thus later in life she has a vision in which she sees herself abusing – or sexually maltreating – and otherwise draining her father and her uncle in Atlantean times; the very father and his brother who abuse her now. Let us take the question of power and abuse of power.

A renowned teacher of yoga (on which more anon), L11 was quick to see that the Vedic and indeed Eastern emphasis had been on the vertical direction of self-expansion, that is from self to Self or from self to Self as soul, that is as the (individuated) manifestation of God-stuff or spirit. This needed to be complemented by the Western emphasis on the horizontal direction of self-expansion (which may of course have subtle resonances and aeffects, reflections, generalisations and analogues at non-physical planes of being, possibly with their own subsequent physical effects), that is from self to Totality. Logically, this second direction could only be completed when all the components of the totality and the totality itself were realised. Then the second direction would be to Self as spirit as Totality, that is to universal self-realisation (or the realisation of all individuals or beings in that totality and of the totality itself).


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On this new conception, man is already and essentially enlightened. And man’s goal in life is to become self-conscious of his enlightenment. This is something that must be learned rather than given, and is gradually acquired or revealed in the context of a learning process, which is essentially one of disemergence; the shedding of illusion or ignorance and the re-realisation of his true self. From this perspective, evil or ignorance is a sort of grand illusion which we must experience to become selfconsciously aware of the true nature of ourselves as concretely singularised, unique God-stuff. The platinum plate and the golden nugget in the critical reception of Hegelian dialectic by dialectical critical realism thus come very much to the fore in this new transcendental turn within (or perhaps beyond) it. But the mystical shell and the rational kernel remain important too. Ontological monovalence and the repression of absence mean that both incompleteness and creativity, therefore the driving force and the means of resolution of dialectical learning processes, become occluded. The result is reification, fixism and fatalism. In this new context, the rational kernel of Hegelian dialectic as a dialectical learning process is to underpin the ideas of reincarnation, karma and liberation. Another word for karma (besides action) is learning.

Demystification can ultimately only be liberation. To and in such an enlightened society, partially though dimly prefigured as the new millennium dawns, both West and East (and North and South), in the odyssey of the soul this book describes, have something to offer and nothing to lose. To reclaim and re-enchant (https://soyoungsodesign.com/serial-code/?file=2028) reality we have only to become what we really, essentially, truly, are and will never cease to be, however occluded that realisation currently appears.


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However the dialectic of action was not only immediately compassionate but also implied a commitment to compassionate action (through some or other variant of the dialectic of desire to freedom). In this respect it was maximally evolutionary and maximally beneficial for both self and others. However, in the end the only resolution of social ills, the cause of all alienation, (including the alienations produced as an effect of structural sins) was the de-alienation of individuals from their true selves. And so all truly compassionate action was directed to, or at least conjoined with, a conatus to the self-realisation (becoming or realisation of what they already essentially were), true liberation or emancipation of the agents or agents concerned. And by a short route this implied that only universal selfrealisation would satisfy the demands of compassion, or the logic of the desire for freedom or of that of solidarity in the abolition of structural sins implicit in spontaneous right action, or the God-like dharmic standpoint from which it occurred. Individual self-realisation thus entailed a conatus to universal selfrealisation. But by the same token, given the interconnectedness, the holistic quality of social life on the physical plane, or while karmic relations remained, individual self-realisation was logically incomplete without universal selfrealisation. Thus the Vedic formula ‘I am the Totality’ took on a new and sharper meaning.

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The principle of karmic impartiality and equilibriation applied to heterocosmic relata (such as Pythagorean dyads, couples, oppositions, polyads, agents and so on) leads to the prevalence of the phenomena of role reversal. Thus the powerlessness of L8 and L9 is succeeded by the spiritual power of L11 and the secular or material power of L12. There are constant swings and oscillations, so that no Self can get stuck in a particular ego. Thus the humiliations and poverty of L8 give way to the pomp and riches of L12, the isolation experienced in L9 to the fame and entourage enjoyed in L11, the fluency of L11 to the hesitancy of L13, the doubts and splits of L14 to the confident syntheses of L15, the fear of L5 to the trust of L9 or L15. Furthermore, as Taoist thought maintains the presence of an opposite is a necessary constituent of any element, you can easily see how for each balance or virtue, there are two vices: the presence of this opposite in excess or in deficiency. This is the true rationale of the doctrine of the mean.

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He is not alienated from God or nature, but he is alienated from the community and society in which he lives. In contrast in L10 he is not socially alienated, in the sense that he is a dedicated member of a community of Buddhist monks, but in that life he is alienated from part of his soul nature. He is restricted, not given sufficient individuality, freedom, singularity, to roam intellectually and spiritually. In this life (L9) he roams around the Chinese world writing poems, making money performing priestly functions and teaching the idea of God-in-nature without the state mandate of heaven. He is Taoist but naturalist and spiritual, almost radically egalitarian. He is utterly opposed to Confucianism of any sort. He wants to synthesise Taoism and Buddhism, and identifies the Buddhist void or nirvana and the Taoist ultimate or dynamic being of emptiness. With a weakish disposition and somewhat effeminate in appearance, he is abused and scorned. He has excelled in his youth in the entire repertoire of Chinese philosophy, but now he is no longer interested in scholarly niceties or intellectual pieties but the simple truth of being. He does not, however, disdain to debate with neo-Confucians.


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Volume 1 of 2. Classic contains most of the more common words, plus slang, archaic words and phrases, and common foreign. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. Mesakke Bangsaku Full.


L7 sees the beginning of a several life-long encounter, and indeed love affair, with the figure of the Buddha. But it begins in apparently unpromising circumstances for such an encounter. L6 – of intellectual and physical travel (from mind to spirit and West to East in search of the missing principle of unity) – also determines the location of the next life (L7) in Japan, which sets up the reverse journey from East to West from which the book takes its title. Thus in L7 we see him in Japan as a warlord in a family of warlords, a grand strategist, but with a terrible and fiery temper. The inner anger of L3, fuelled by the frustrations of L6, has exploded into the outer anger of L7. If there is a negative karma of abuse it is incurred in this life, but it is also ‘fated’ in the sense that he is born into a feudal society characterised by conflict, destruction and death, in which only the strongest survive.

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