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I grew up thinking that way, so have had to seek a personal relationship with JC that now works and helps me to see myself and matters more clearly. But I have been where you are and am still so to some degree when it comes to some of my family meembers. I just try not to be false and try to be genuine.

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I am going to check into a book that someone recommended called "IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING" by George K. Simon (I think). If it is worthwhile reading, I will let you know.

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But I too have spent my life unable to ask to have my needs considered. I do things I dont want to do for fear of offending and am terrified of anger.

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My mother is extremely codependent uses quilt and manipulation to get her way. She also turns herself into the martyr and plays the poor pitiful me act quite well. She projects her fears on others. She takes full responsibility for others actions and behaviors such as my dad’s drinking. She feels SHE has controlled his drinking and can continue to lie and manipulate him not to drink. She came with me to about 5 al-anon meetings and then realized they were not going to give her the magic spell to stop his drinking and instead the focus was on her and her behavior and she wanted no part of that and refused to ever go back. She resented me for going and resented me more for being able to walk away from my dad while he was drinking and that I was not allowing him to engage me in fights as he had before. She would say things like “if I have to put up with it then so do you”. She once said to me “use good old fashioned quilt it works ever time”. I was having a situation with my 17 year old son at the time.