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This is phase one of the attack. Ravenskye city hack cheat blogspot. Phase two begins after you finish off their units. Now, you have the gun turrets to deal with, but instead of directly targeting their gun turrets, target their power plants (site web). Riflemen are recommended for this part too due to their disposeable nature, especially if they run a lot of turrets. Take out their power plants, and their turrets will be deactivated due to a lack of power.

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Now that their troops are gone and their guns are useless, phase two ends and phase three begins. This is the easy phase, because with no defenses left at the invaded base, you’re free to raid and destroy every other building on the base and load up on resources.

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It has a rundown of every warrior's name, time of death, and the operation they passed on in. It's a trigger for dim recollections. Perusing down I recall one fighter squashed to death by a goliath snake, another smoldered to death in a destroyed office.


The biggest mistake people make is trying to destroy an enemy base using only one attack, but the best way to attack a base is by attacking in phases. Know when to pull your troops back and when to start the attack again.

To make this first phase quicker, keep your units back from the main areas of the base and try to lure their units out to attack your units. Then pick them off and end the attack.

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Your first attack wave should be targeted at the troops that the opposing target has spread out around the base. Find where their biggest cluster of units is, and deploy your units there in order to pick off their units. I recomment using riflemen for this simply due to the massive amount of riflemen that you can send in at once, as well as how fast you can train new riflemen in the barracks. Send in your first wave and target ONLY the opposing troops. Take them out, and end the attack. If you’re under heavy fire from gun turrets you might need to do this multiple times, and you’ll need to do it more depending on how much their troops have been spread out. If they clustered them all in one spot this will be quicker and easier.


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Are you having a hard time successfully attacking other players’ bases in War Commander? This attack strategy will allow you to more easily destroy other bases and raid massive amounts of resources, both from players and from computer controlled bases that are a higher level and contain more resources, as well as heavier defenses.

That’s an easy way to take out other bases and avoid prematurely throwing the other player into damage protection. Use this as well to avoid getting all of your troops killed by the opposition’s defenses!