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You should also consider that the younger your doggy is, the more it will look to you for direction and guidance on how the world works. Your little guy will look up to you as an older, bigger dog so pay attention to when you praise it. Sure, it’s cute when the dog runs off with your shoe the first time but you don’t want it to think that behavior is praise-worthy.

Well, this is when most puppies can be taken away from their mothers and placed in new homes. The first eight weeks of their lives are typically spent learning how to communicate with other dogs, how to use their teeth, how puppy plays look, and much more.


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Some dog owners also find clicker training to be helpful for potty training and behavioral problems as well. Finally, remember to be patient! Puppies are one of the joys of life but they’re also a whole lot of work.

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The way that a crate helps with potty training is that it teaches your puppy to keep its space clean. Just as you don’t want pee sitting in your living room, it doesn’t want a mess filling up its crate. Over time, it’ll associate doing its business with the outdoors.

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A good place to start is to determine when you should be potty training your new pup. Hack para universe gamers gunz ijji. There are varying views on this but a general consensus is that at eight weeks old, your puppy can start learning how to go potty outside.