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If we accept the commonly quoted 16 year life span of the Yashica Mat-124G and 573,362 produced, that is an average production of approximately 2,986 per month. Not all, perhaps any, models will have achieved similar average rates. In most cases, the “monthly production” will seem plausible with the first digit from the left of the four digit sequence rarely reaching “2” and often remaining “0” or “1”. But there are exceptions, the early Yashica Mat-EM reaching over 9,000 in both its first two months of production of February and March 1964. My database has quite a lot of examples from both months but there are no examples from April through to and including August. My interpretation is that Yashica produced an initial stockpile for the model's release in June 1964. Similar things have happened on a smaller scale at other times.


All the relevant numbers follow the pattern and generally match the release and end dates of a particular model, but there are some date discrepancies which I will discuss later. Basically, the alpha prefix identifies the model, sometimes obviously and for some models, seemingly chosen at random.

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For the Pentamatic auxiliary lenses, the descriptor is usually the focal length but when the lens has been updated for some reason, things can change. In one case the descriptor was changed to the maximum aperture and with the increase in aperture of the f/3/5 13/5 cm lens to f/2/8, the “1350” and “1351” descriptors of the earlier version became “1328”, “1355”, “1380” and finally back to “1351”. Meanwhile, the cumulative sequence counts up normally.


That leaves the Yashica B and 44A without any examples so far. My guess is that the Yashica B and the Yashica 44A may not have been produced between September and December 1960, although use of other number combinations is possible.

All the found Pentamatic S numbers are 6 digit. It looks like back to a 1 digit year number, 1 or 2 digit month number as required and cumulative 4 digit production number. Note, so far we have not found any production which would equate to October, November or December so the theory is still a little rubbery. For those months, the serial numbers are expected to be 7 digit. In fact, there seems to have been quite sporadic production from February 1961 (1200xx) up to the end of September 1961 (1928xx) and then one camera is in my database for March 1962 (2331xx). It's perhaps not coincidence that the first M42 model was released in the second half of 1961 (reputedly September but production started in June).


The most convenient here is because the side panel that can improve speed and workflow is the side panel, which provides quick access to internal site maps and external URLs. Here, you can manage each object, regardless of its type, by specifying whether, how, and where to include it in the analysis and output filters.

Except for serial numbers located inside cameras, Yashica had a habit of sticking them on easily removable components which could either be damaged in a fall or like exposure meters, be susceptible to failure. I am aware that there have been “new, old stock” nameplate, exposure meters and even Yashica E flash assemblies for sale. How did Yashica deal with the serial number issues? No one really knows apart from the fact that the new items definitely have new serial (page) numbers. Suber crack serial website.


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With both the Yashica 8 and Yashica 35 cameras, Yashica swapped between Showa and western calendar years at surprising times and sometimes a little differently to the more consistent TLRs but the rules about sequence numbers and months remain constant. If you look at the likely years of production and both Showa and western calendar years, it is possible to work out the actual year of production. It helps to also look at the maker name, Yashima or Yashica, whether the lenses are “Yasinon” or “Yashinon” and any other trim changes.


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The Yashica E serial numbers suggest a production start in June 1963, a long way in advance of the claimed 1964 release and September 1964 at that. In the Yashica E entry on the 66 Models page is concrete evidence that the camera was reviewed as early as June 1963 and release was actually February 1964 or earlier and some evidence that it was in 1963. The end date of 1964 matches some claims (another claims 1966) but it does appear with a Yashica 24 in a brochure. The Yashica 24 was claimed to be released in December 1965 and the first serial number is from October 1965, a close match so perhaps there was a large unsold inventory stock of the Yashica E.


None of the early SLRs have alpha prefixes or model identifiers. The Pentamatic serial numbers look quite different to the TLRs but seem to be based on similar principles and share some commonality with the earlier YE & YF. Between us, Chris Whelan and I have so far recorded 86 Pentamatic, Pentamatic II and Pentamatic S serial numbers. As Chris has postulated, it certainly looks like the numbers for the Pentamatic and Pentamatic II, unusually for Yashica, start with the month (one or two digits as required), followed by two digit year and then by a 5 digit cumulative production number instead of a monthly total. Pentamatic production cameras in my database run from 160003xx to 1260133xx (January 1960, camera 3xx to December 1960, camera 133xx) and 161135xx to 161168xx (January 1961 only, camera 135xx to camera 168xx).

As an example, the Yashica A begins with 5 digit numbers, then changes to 6 digit numbers beginning with 79, then changes to 8 digit numbers starting with 5710, followed by 7 digit numbers beginning with 584. Then there are 8 digit numbers beginning with 3810 followed by 7 digit numbers beginning with 391 and then 8 digit again with 3910. These are followed by 6 digit numbers beginning with 61. And then there is the 9 digit 116110451. Similar patterns are found with the other models in this period and usually, the first few digits are the same across the models.

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I have collected 64 Yashica 8 movie camera serial numbers (released in 1957) and they seem to more or less behave like the TLRs. The only divergence seems to be late 1959 numbers which seem to use a 2 digit “48” code for November and December in place of the single “4” on October examples and on all TLRs from these months. The “8” is the only number which can't be aligned to a year of either format, or mix of formats. Not quite sure about the reason or how that works but being the “Yashica 8” camera, maybe it's the model name? Not unexpectedly, there are eight numbers right at the beginning in 1957 which are not date codes, and a couple of other numbers which I don't understand.

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I do try to make sure that significant serial numbers or patterns are updated

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The Yashica Spares System Theory - the Impact on Serial Numbers

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Following the first few examples in my database, the body serial numbers dropped some 40,000

The Yashica D also seems to have finished up to two years short but there are the Hong Kong cameras which may have come after Japanese production finished - they certainly have the very last trim features. My own thought is that 1972 might be about right. Note that after 10 years, the numbers appear to be repeating themselves. That is the failing of using a single digit year code.


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The extra digit could mean anything but I believe that the production number was increased to allow for more than 9999 cameras in a month. In most cases, the digit after the month was 0 but in one case, it was 1 and the total sequence was 10393. I think a monthly output spike of 10,393 is probably a realistic production number.


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The September 1957 to December 1960 models used 6 digits, 8, 7, 8, 7, 8, 6 and some briefly (the Yashica 44LM not so briefly), 9 digits. Sometimes the combinations were slightly different. At this stage, I think that I understand the patterns and month codes but for the year codes, I will need to make some educated guesses. Two assumptions I will be making are that the last 4 digits on the right are a production sequence number, probably starting at “1” each month and that all the preceding digits to the left are year and month codes, except in one case (the last numbers in the series) where there is also a model code.


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The final block of Yashica A numbers have an “A” prefix. However, the second (from the left) digit of the “A” numbers rarely is higher than “0” and never more than “1” so that there will be for example A 20xxxxx and A 21xxxxx but never A 22xxxxx, the next number being in the A 30xxxxx range. This happens with all the alpha prefixed numbers for all models and also occurs with the unprefixed 7 digit numbers of the Yashica Mat-124 and Yashica Mat-124G.


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Cameras with both “MD” and “T” prefixes have “Japan” stamped next to the serial number on the top plate

Why “39” instead of “59” or “49” combining the Japanese and western calendars? Well the “3” might be from Showa 34 and the “9” from 1959. Then come the familiar 8 digit numbers but only for October, 3910xxxx to 3910xxxx. October also seems to bring a change to a new “4” prefix instead of “39”. Presumably, this is shorthand for Showa 34 by itself. These numbers range from 410xxxx to 412xxxx, what I believe to be the typical October to December pattern. And then we are into 1960 with 6 digit numbers beginning with “6” as discussed earlier.


The two Yashicaflexes have similar pattern numbers but the first two digits are “33” which fits Showa 33 for 1958. They go up to “338xxxx”, I assume August.

The 1970 start date for the Yashica Mat-124G appears to be a match. The 1980 end date is simply the changeover to the new 6 digit consecutive numbering system.


Not to mention the Yashica Mat-EM with LM exposure meter with high serial number

There are some problem numbers that I don't understand, they are highlighted on the Yashica 35 page. The last 1960 numbers behave the same way as the Lynx 1000 above. Yashica YK and YL numbers follow the same pattern.

This numbering system started in early 1961. The Yashica A, B, 635, D, 44A, 44LM, Yashica-Mat and Yashica Mat-LM were already in production. Their new numbers started with “10xxxxx”. Please note that the “Start Year” (apart from 1961) represents the commonly quoted dates which could be either start of production or on-sale release dates. The “End Year” (apart from Yashica Mat-124G) represent the commonly quoted end dates which could be either end of production or end of official sales. In the first case, there could still be a lot of stock to dispose of. So, in some cases, there won't be an exact match between the serial (continue reading this) number range and the dates of a models life. Also, some dates, particularly end dates may be questionable.


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Yashikor f/2/8 5 cm lenses fitted standard to the YE have 6 digit serial (visit your url) numbers commencing with either “81” or “91” (the majority) followed by a 4 digit sequence number. It is possible that the “8” or “9” signify the year in some way, but the two series are actually different lenses in quite significant ways. Yashinon f/1/8 5 cm lenses fitted standard to the YF have either 7 or 8 digit numbers beginning with “595”, “596”, “597” or “5910” followed by a 4 digit sequence number. It is likely that these numbers signify year and month and broadly align to the camera production months. How the sequence numbers work is not altogether clear but my explanation is at Serial (read more) Numbers & Production.

Ten are typical of Yashica TLR numbers from 1959 and the eleventh is typical of 1960 numbers

A number of sites say that the Minister D 35 mm model was released “around 1963”. The Yashica Guy thinks it was in 1964. Japanese specialist magazine, “Camera Collectors' News” of July 1987 says December 1963. I have seventeen serial (https://soyoungsodesign.com/serial-code/?file=4604) numbers. The first eight cameras have “MD” prefixes. The first camera has a 7 digit number, MD 312xxxx (1963, December). I would also expect to find November and maybe October made cameras. The following cameras range from MD 401xxxx to MD 403xxxx (1964, January to March). Then, two cameras have 8 digit numbers MD 4041xxxx and MD 4050xxxx (1964, April and May). It is possible that the extra digit, after what I think is the month code, represents another increase in capacity for recording production numbers as perhaps it was with the Y16.


The Flash-O-Set 35 mm model was released in 1961, the same year that TLR serial (https://soyoungsodesign.com/serial-code/?file=1856) numbers adopted an alpha prefix system with standardised 7 digit numbering. The original Flash-O-Set cameras have a “T” prefix with 7 digit numbers starting with “1” and going as high as “112” (1961, December) before “20” (1962 and any of the earlier months) appear. This model was replaced by the improved Flash-O-Set II in 1962. The model II has the new prefix “FII”. I have only seen numbers beginning with “2” and these go as high as “212”. In other words, these numbers are completely consistent with the TLR pattern.

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The step to seeing year and sequence numbers is not great, I have been numbering my digital files since 2005 with year, month and 4 digit sequence codes. With the earlier numbers, the pattern is similar but mostly, the month numbers are “1” to “12” so that at “9”, numbers are 7 digit but at “10”, they become 8 digit. There are some variations with the pre-1961 numbers and the year codes are “interesting” - that is where I believe the guess work is.